IRI politics Ali Daei style

I was reading the news and a headline caught my eye.  It said Iran says surprised by Morocco’s decision to cut ties, rejects allegations.”  

After Ali Akbar Nateq Nouri’s statement about a month ago in which he said Bahrain used to be Iran’s 14th province, an upheaval between Iran and other Arab nations has started.  To be fair, there are a number of reasons why Arab countries are worried about Iran, but this is a perfect example of something which could have been easily avoided.  IRI authorities’ extremely poor and uncalculated public utterings have long caused bad blood and ill feelings with many other nations in the world.  The instances have been too many to recount.  As if it’s not bad enough to have a “Supreme Leader” who talks nonesense all the time and a “President” who keeps wanting to redefine world maps while mesmerizing his audiences with his halo of light, the army of Sepaah and Qom dignitaries never let a day go by without creating some kind of trouble because they say every dumb thing that comes to their minds.

This headline reminded me of how as a member of the Iranian National Soccer Team, Ali Daei was consistently botching his penalty goals and just as soon as he would shoot the ball somewhere completely off target, he would assume this really silly look of outrage, surprised that his fabulous shot hadn’t made it through the goal posts!

I guess it’s too late to teach the IRI guys any new tricks about diplomacy and proper international discourse.  As a result, the “surprise” game will continue, Ali Daei style.

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