a walk in the snow

the other day dilip sri veriveraji was in the store offering us his tales. one story he told us has stayed in my mind and i thought i tell it to you.  the teacher wanted to show the importance of setting goals to his students. he took them to a field which was covered with fresh snow. he instructed them to walk forward for two hundred yards without looking back. they should try to walk as straight as possible. when all the students had reached the other side of the field he asked them to turn back and look at their own foot steps in the snow and see how straight they had walked. it was a disaster.  the lines were everywhere and all over the place. only one student had made a perfect straight line in the snow. the teacher asked him to tell them how he did it. the student said before he started walking, he set a piece of rock in the distant as his target. he walked toward that rock without taking his eyes from it. this way he could not go astray or meander. the teacher was very happy with what he heard. he told his students that in life also people often misspend precious times (ie. life) and  wander around aimlessly not really knowing where they are heading.  but once you set a target or a goal for yourself, you will reach it in the shortest possible time. bekhoda khayli gol goft. 

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