Mine, by my mother’s whispers

Or my father’s reaffirming gestures,


Mine, like a royal seal

Bestowed upon a Naval boat.


Mine, by a promise

Mine, by pure luck

Mine, by the truth of a heartache

Mine, by fierce persistence

Or self-motivated determination


Mine, so I can disown

This greedy soul so

It cannot uphold.


Mine, like the guarantee

Of a picturesque sunrise,

Or a glorious peacock throne.


Mine, with wrinkles on my face –

These years, witnesses by force.


Mine, by church bells,

Attending in obligation.


Mine, a spring that

Will not be immortal,

A summer in chaos,

An autumn dancing in grace,

A winter covered by that white blanket.


Mine, your heart, –

A dice in sky,

This heart always juggling

To make it its landing spot.

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