Our trillion fixes

Let me skip the intro and get right in to it since you may not have the patience to read this stuff because they are not as much fun as others :

We have been after quick fixes for a long time which has brought us to the mess that we are in and its not the first time after all

..from the last real estate bubble and saving and loan crisis

…to the bigger internet bubble

…to the this even bigger mortgage bubble that already has burst in our faces

….and now creating the mother of all bubbles in the name of stimulus and bail outs…

…but they all work for a while… may be we can even survive them during OUR life time and leave the mess to our children who will have nothing left to bubble on !!

Think of our over-indebted, over-leveraged, savings-less consumer economy in terms of a patient that’s ill…

if you give a broken down worn out patient, dose after dose of every stimulant you know – adrenaline one hour, ecstasy the next followed by a six pack of Red Bull – there’s always the chance the patient will get up , bounce and even dance around for a while, but at the end of the artificially induced frivolity, s/he will be more broken and worn out than ever before if s/he survives it all.

….might as well we too enjoy the whatever left over of this borrowed green hoping that its left over’s trickle on us while the same elite on top suck up most of it

….Bad Bad Bush

…long live Obama

…blah blah

…. and they lived happily

….until the hell broke lose

…and then it was too late

…. police state was declared to stop the riots

…. and they lost their freedoms after they lost their financial independence to the elite

….change it will be

…give it more time

…lets be “patient”

…I know I hear you

….they have us addicted to the life style

…It is hard to face reality

…might as well stay in our glasshouses

…the sense of withdrawal from all this STUFF we have bought on credit   

…STUFF that gives us doses of happiness and if not! there is always Prozac to swallow on

…After all what’s another trillion?!

…. see the guy on the top left facing all that is being borrowed

….Yes its only 60 days!

…Give it more time! 

….It will kick in

…Ah Relax

….we have again become comfortably numb:

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