A Theocratic Baha’i State in Iran?

To my question: 

“Do you believe that Baha’ism should replace the national religion in Iran, and is your organization attempting to replace the mullah’s theocracy with a Baha’i theocracy?” 

Faryarm responds: 

“Bahais Believe that, Islam has run its course; its teachings were never meant for the 20 and 21st centuries; and as Baha’u’llah cautioned:

O people of the Koran,” Bahá’u’lláh, addressing the combined forces of Sunni and Shi’ih Islám, significantly affirms, “Verily the Prophet Of God, Muhammad, sheddeth tears at the sight of your cruelty. Ye have assuredly followed your evil and corrupt desires, and turned away your face from the light of guidance. Erelong will ye witness the result of your deeds: for the Lord. My God, lieth in wait and is watchful of your behaviour … O concourse of Muslim divines! By your deeds the exalted station of the people hath been abased, the standard of Islam hath been reversed, and mighty throne hath fallen.”

Since  Baha’u’llah foresaw the day when the actions of the shia mullah has “abased” the people of Iran leading to the fall and “the standard of Islam” in the eyes of the people, to the extent that these days  the average conversation about religion and Islam amongst the young and the educated leads to these days to outright disgust and rejection. Iranians are sick of lies and the religious hypocricy they daily witness in the name of Islam.

I sincerely believe that the people of the world are spiritually straved, longing and reaching for meaning in their lives. That each perso has to take and experience that search and journey.

 As For Iran, I do believe that One day The Bahai Faith will be recognised in Iran; when Iranians will be free to choose and practice their faith freely. Whether The people of Iran will choose to accept Baha’u’llah  and his teachings as The Answer will depend on an absolutely free and unfettered personal search and investigation.

I also believe the inevitible Mullahs’/Azali/Bayani Nightmare  will come to pass, as  the people of Iran will soon give recognition to the Bahais for their longstanding and steadfast stand on Principle and Belief against the brutal persecution of the backward and corrupt Shia establishment, along with the machinations of Azali/Bayanis during the life of Baha’u’llah and Abdul-Baha.”

This a clear, albeit equivocal, statement in the affirmative by a Haifan Baha’i that indeed their aim is completely political – with any humanitarian aspect of their current propaganda in the West about purported human rights violations being completely tangential to their ultimate aim of wishing and working towards taking raw power  – and so that any participation by them in an opposition capacity to the Islamic republic is designed purely and specifically for the ultimate aim of replacing the mullah’s theocracy with their own Stalinist brand of religious theocracy. 

This is what all the signatorees of the various letter campaigns posted here are ultimately supporting, probably unbeknownst to even themselves: the replacement of the mullahs theocratic dictatorship with a stalinist totalitarian Baha’i Theocratic nightmare-state in Iran.

You heard it here first, folks! 

See article , the Baha’i Faith.

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