Despite of its many benefits, online communication can produce misunderstanding between the communicators. In a routine and face-to-face communication, we are posed to not only utter our ideas by verbal expression, but also through implicit means which are embedded in face to face communication. The tone of voice, the emotions reflected in facial expression, and the body language also come to help to polish or catalyze the meaning and concepts which are conveyed by verbal conversation (obviously, it is added to many of other factors in our appearances including physical attractiveness, age, dress, and many more…). With a smile we can emphasize that our statement meant to be humorous. By louder than usual or a shaking voice (along with a frowning face), others may realize that we are nervous, mad or upset when we talk about a particular topic.

As we only deal with texts and written phrases, such facilitating factors usually are absent in an online communication. In a typical online discussion therefore, the emotions involved in the message may be missed and we may hardly be able to ‘read between the lines’.

Non-verbal cues can transform the emotional components of the expressed statements. Without them the statement may be in the position of being misunderstood. How many times we surprised to see that the comment which meant to be humorous is taken seriously and at times offensively?

 In despite, usage of Smiley faces such as 🙂 or other iconic expressions are becoming increasingly popular. In a scientifically-written material, use of smiley faces might not seem to be necessary, as these types of writings are emotionally neutral. However, for sites such as Iranian.com, due to usually feverish and emotionally-charged articles, blogs and consequent discussions; use of smiley faces and icons should be taken more seriously. Unfortunately, I believe they are generally underestimated and not used by everyone. Others may not be aware of these icons in the first place.

Since we -the Iranians- are very emotional people, use of smiley faces seems to be greatly useful, fantastic and bombastic.  As a matter of fact, I can predict that in the near future, we will use smiley faces as the only usable script for our communications. The following is a paragraph written by iconic signs and smiley faces and I am sure that many of you will be able to decode it or read it.

 *_00+ @ _): & : =))) :. _+# ; -) , ? –( ;ooo+’),, 😮 ‘!, ^;”-(/<.  ;-< ./’’­ *”:=O.  8-{ B-) .:-). :-9 <_8,:;-)0””[: -;-)?><>”.:-c:t=OO* S:-:(.

Among those who correctly decode the above script, three people will randomly be selected and no prize will be given to them. They don’t need it I guess.

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