Shamefully Yours

It seems like Delara Darabi’s execution brought out the best and the worst in many of us.  The good news is that “the best” far exceeds “the worst.”  The bad news is that our “worst,” even after deletions and editions by the moderators, leaves something to be desired for a group of educated Iranians.  Whatever our point and however wrought up we are about an issue, there is no excuse for using language that is at best alleyway talk.  We must learn to challenge each other to our hearts’ content, but for heaven’s sakes we mustn’t drag the communication levels into the gutter—it doesn’t impress anyone and it is most unbecoming of a group of educated people.  Here are excerpts of what I belive to be the low-level language, profanities, and labels used on the Delara Darabi thread.  With all due respect for my fellow Iranian.comers whose opinions I respect in essence, I hold it up like a mirror for everyone to see, hoping that we would learn something about anger management and proper communication styles.  You can badmouth me, too, if you wish, but in my defense I can only say that I do care about this community and its members.  I am almost certain that we can do better than this.

Shamefully Yours,


  • I see all psychos are at it again.  Ladies and gentlemen, get a life! 🙂
  • With such a name you’ve chosen for yourself you must have it up your arse all your life already. I figure, no need for interference from me! 🙂
    I’ll do the same thing here. You can join others in the fuck yourself-service I started already for what’s his name.
    You may bugger-off now. 😛
  • So you’re an attorney?? LOL! Beppa shaste paye chapet tooye cheshme rastet nare. 😉
  • Khak tu oon saret konan ke enghad nafahmi! 
  • Don’t bother sending me an insulting message, I won’t respond and couldn’t care less what a pesteh brain like you has to say.
  • Just tell me what your problem is, why is it so easy for you to be such a d!@k all the time? You insist on repeating your arajeef, over and over again, insisting on proving how little you are. Engaging yourself, like one who think they are Leonard Cohen just because they sound crapy in the shower ? Dadash[I say this as a joke] are you the type who LOVES hear themselves talk all the time? Are you the TYPE who thinks [koooone asemon pareh shodeh] and you are bestowed upon this world to teach them thing or two? Baba jan shut the hell up for one moment  go empty a bottle of Jack Daniel or something and let these people be. You are not a gift from heavens for no one, so get real and look at yourself. Your are a miserable excuse for anyone with a brain. You keep repeating your stupid nonsense, which only proves how little you are. I personally am fed up with you stupidity. Age mardi hameye in comment ro bekhun , otherwise just shut UP. More you spew crap from your mouth more nauseating you become.
  • So, please shut-up and take your Islamic propaganda elsewhere… BTW, you don’t have a shred of femininity (please don’t take it as a complement). Don’t fool people with your name…
  • If you wanted to discuss anything, you wouldn’t be here spewing your stinky existence through your mouth like that.  Now get lost.
  • What the sh## are you spreading here?
  •  Now that the resident Islamist liar has gone to bed,…
  • you I R misinformation paid agents
  • In other words, no FACT can close your ugly ignorant mouth, can it?! 
  • This is the justice system for the beasts and the vahshie amongst us. I hope you can enjoy such a justice system in your idiotic life.
  • For those assholes out there that found Delara’s death was a good reason to attack each other, I have two words for you, Fuck you.
    One said that we need to defend Palestinians from Israelis brutal attack before dealing with people like Delara back home. Goz be shagheghe che. Fuck you, Palestinians and Israelis all together.
  • For the Haj Khanoom who is on a Misinformation campaign
  • For loud mouth idiots
  • Get lost! Gomshoo be Gheyrat!.
  • Get a life you lunatic lefty disgusting IRI apologists/defenders.  About God damn fu**ing time you IRI apologists and supporters come out to defend your master’s act (who issues your miserable paycheck). What a “POFUZI” life style that FU**ING paycheck creates! Enjoy it while it lasts!
  • What a bunch of charlatans,
  • Like I said, by the way you reply, you’re probably nothing but a charlatan.  And you can go to hell now. People like you only make me puke from the deepest of my stomach. 
  • and take your threats and trash where it belongs … tragic days like this some of us have no patience for TRASH of holier than popes or for supporters of IR. 
  • I also say it’s charlatans like yourself who give a bad name to whatever campaign for ANYTHING us others try to manage.  Take it from there and keep your bull to those who will actually take it from you.  Until then, try not to appear too often on my radar, mister.  Of course yes, read my message.  Until you haven’t read it, you should not open your mouth.  There is cr@p coming out of it with every word and you don’t realize.don’t need your permission to start any campaign. See, that’s where you are THE charlatan.  What the &%#@ do you know about me to put down that crap? 
  • Gomsho boro Iran agar mardi.
  • kheili koskholid.  You perhaps buy IRI product and have money in IRI banks.

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