Befor is to late,lets knock the right door

unfortunately ,when it comes to capital punishment “GHesas” there is very little  in the Islamic law ,judiciary body or government or any one can do , main decision (to let live or not)is totally in hand of ” victims families” left to decide , in my opinion ; I don’t know if is good to have state would handle and to be in charge of convict final fate(like many western country) ,  in that case I  think there would be much less chance for convict to get away from death , in Iran in the past we have been witness ,there has been many cases that victim family after much and long request eventually agreed to take compassionate route , and let the convect live, therefor, my suggestion(or many of us) is, it is worth to try and let knock right door and introduce bank account, and try publicly raise money for victims family (regardless if they ask for it or not) and organize televised congregational pray for both victim and convect and creating a page on net for signing petition so they (GOD & victims family) can see how many million begging them to let go.than GOD MAY have Inshaallah change of heart and soften victim families heart so they MAY have change of heart and change their decision inshaallah . otherwise waving the propaganda and going the route how some NGO are taking ,that let us to believe there is strong reason to believe opportunist literally wants  convicts to lose their life and to be executed, so they can live and cash on their death, and fish against current regime any way. I ask for true compassionate and true forgiveness seeker lets together try right action and approach and find some trustee and volunteers possibly join religion (Muslim, christian, Jews, Zoroastrian) & Bahai adherents “if they wish” NGO committee, in Iran , open one special bank account  ,which shows statement on the net, so any one around the world can see, every minute how much has been raised and offered , and how ever if victim family for any unfortunate reason decided not to take the money for any reason (is their right to not to)and life could not be saved, than, collected money + more get raised  should be offered for next young convict . I’m afraid that is all we can do other than that folks who say thing about how cruel regime is and this sort of nagging  , that is useless approach  and IS VERY CLEAR , they DO want these young convicts to be executed, so these coward opportunist can live on their blood for little while via using them for their propaganda against regim and Islam AND most definitely they do not care about any young or old life all together , all  they care is take advantage of such a situation, and since this suggestion would probably and possibly save some life and aiming and cutting opportunist (enemy of IRAN and Islam) fortune tree ,they are going to chase my tale and not going to like this post ,let see. (of course these cowards are very good “as usual” of changing their identity and come with unknown names )go ahead have your feast cowards ,and be my guest ,GOD have a mercy on all of us.

others; pleas let me know how many of you readers would agree of such an approach ,so with help of GOD and everyone Inshaallah we can start and take first step immediately. tx

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