Teardrops in Barcelona

It “seldom” changes,

“Often” as expected,

“Never” challenged,

“Always” safe

In familiar walls,


Until God slaps it on its face –

A breeze, an unexpected smile,

Or, a tragedy devastating the heart.


“What if the chance of a lifetime

Never catches on?”


Am I as good as this prison called

Peace and harmony of

My surrounding halls?


Set the walls on fire, ask the wind

To dance with flames before the ashes

Take over the night.


Don’t ask about the stranger’s home address

Or analyze her smile,

Just chase your own heart onto the next valley

Of sensation, there is glory in the “wake up” call.


Don’t curse God for the pain in the heart,

Or become a victim constantly asking,

“Why me?”  But, pick up each teardrop and linger

In that crystal ball, its other name, “jewel-pearl,”

Of this life.


Keep your mouth shut, as if you were born


Your ears open, as if you are a python listening

To heartbeats of the rabbit nearby, trying to evade you

In silence of disguise.

Your eyes wide open, tied to a rope

Connecting to your heart,

As if a command-and-control center

Is indeed in charge.

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