Encourage Dave Etebari not leave Iranain.com

This is what he wrote the other day, unfortunately, this note and his main blog, addressed to Shahroudi, was not featured in front page, therefore many of you may not noticed that he is leaving us:

“Dear all

by David ET

on Mon May 11, 2009 04:38 PM PDT

“I Did stay around and expressed concerns and this was just the final breaking point.

“2 years of putting up with certain inequalities and lack of proactivity at the most crucial times of need but being there at times of sensationalism and commercialism is enough.

“As for SCE that is a decision for the board but as for me I no longer can contribute here and condone the attitude.

“If you agree that those responsible for Delara’s murder should be brought to justice and if you think Iranian.com had the responsibility to post this demand on its first page you too can post this letter on your blog for more readership.”

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