Hollow Soul

There’s darkness in your candle
And the inviting words you express,
Conceals the coward in you.

The senseless hollow notes you sing
In your song of whatever journey
Feeds the ego who is in charge
The Fear of death of the only “I” you know
Only a warrior can resolve

You say the same words of wisdom
A fake poet can impress and
Be accepted by his charms
Your ego’s then transforming
From one who once was lost
To you now, who knows “of” freedom
Yet, is scared to pay the cost

Your gift of words is holy,
Not to use to hurt someone
With the excuse of past demise
Your words can bless or harm you
And the child who lives inside
Who’s imprisoned by your mind
Whom you “think” you’re setting free
Choosing solitude and loss

We all are in an unreal dream,
Some for days, some for life.
When “I” is selfish, you’ll deceive
No use to apologize,
You know it can not mend
The sword’s gone in, the blood has spilled
Repent and realize:

Amazing how eyes wide open, clever minds,
Senses sharp, and speech so grand
Can still be:
“Wetness leaving water”
“A fish not seeing the sea”

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