True intentions

An article titled ‘Iran’s missiles not an existential threat, study says’ published in Haaretz yesterday is a Cliffs Notes guide for anyone trying to understand Israel’s true intentions and concerns  as it obliterates the deceptive victim fascia so often portrayed through the Western media and reveals  its genuine regional ambitions.

According to results of a study conducted by Uzi Rubin, former head of the Defense Ministry’s Arrow anti-ballistic missile system project, and Tal Inbar, head of the Fisher Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies   Iran’s missile arsenal are its main “deterrent” system. They state that “while moderate Arab states emphasize air power, Iran and Syria are adopting a resistance doctrine.”

Nothing earth shattering in these findings as they only confirm what has been repeatedly claimed by Iranians that their adoption of a missile system is for defensive purposes only.  What is new is the public admission by two senior and influential Israeli analysts to that fact and the conclusion that “Israel must provide a credible response to the threat of Iran’s missiles.”

Now how could such an admittedly defensive system pose a “threat” to Israel?  Simple, according to Inbar “in the absence of such a response, the country’s ability to act militarily and politically, might suffer as a consequence.” In other words, it may no longer be free to commence at will the kind of bloody and gruesome attacks it has been launching against its neighbors for the last four decades.

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