Should Israel exist?

There is no question that Jews have been persecuted against throughout the history. Whether it’s been their own fault or not is not the subject of my post. All I want to find out is what’s so wrong for a group that has been discriminated against for centuries and centuries to have a place that gives them the freedom of being who they are? Muslims have their own lands, Christians have their own safe haven, Buddhists know where they are in majority, and Hindus have their homes. Then, why is it so wrong for Jews to have a haven?

You say why in Palestine? If not there, then, where? If not the UN, how would you resolve it?

If you say NO, Jews should not have their own haven, and they should accept the second class citizen status around the world and be contempt with what they have, I’ll ask, why?

If the entire world was a true democracy, (like what the US constitution provides), then, there would be no persecution for religion, ethnicity etc…But, we know that’s not the case.

So, what’s wrong with Israel and Palestine to co-exist? Why should Israel be wiped off of the map?

The colonialists decided that Jordan is “Jordan”, Saudi Arabia is “Saudi Arabia”, Syria is “Syria”, Iraq is “Iraq”, And Israel is “Israel”. Many say Israel is an apartheid state and is a racist regime? I ask, how would you protect your existence when surrounded by a whole host of nations who are sworn to your elimination?

Many on this site scream their hatred for Israel and Zionism (the movement for creation of a state for Jews). At the same time, these haters of Zionism adore, praise and worship those liberal Zionists who oppose how Israel has chosen to protect her existence.

Many Iranians (me included) are passionately against any aggression against our land. But, how can we blame someone’s rhetoric if we have clearly demonstrated and have acted on another nation’s annihilation?

Many of you guys may have read a lot more, but I’m talking from heart and common sense. Granted, I was born a Jew, but this has nothing to do with that. I would have posted the same if I was the son of an Ayatollah.

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