Adoption: How Risky is it?

I personally have nothing against adoption and indeed some years ago I was about to adopt two little children from Kagazestaan who were here in this country to have their clef palets corrected.

The fact is that when one adopts a child one does not know what kind of genetical person one is bringing into one’s life. it is “a pig in a poke” situation, where you are not sure what kind of a personality you are getting. What is the genetical and epigenetical makeup of the child? Who are his parents? How was he treated or mistreated during his childhood? And a thousand other questions.

Recently I learnt that more than 50% of our behavior is determined by our genes. Adoption is a noble and kind thing to do. In most cases it will reward the adoptive parents the pleasure they will receive in loving and caring for the child. But at the same time these advocates should not hush up someone who may question the soundness of bringing into ones life a child who may carry undesirable genes inherited from parents whose genetical make up or social habits and behavior (specially while carrying the child) are not known.

Adoption may, therefore, be seen by some people as a gamble. It was in the case of Robert and Sylvia who lost this gamble and paid very dearly.

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