Presidential elections in Iran: a window of opportunity!

According to trend watchers all over the world crises should be considered as moments to create new chances, instead of falling deeper into depression. I couldn’t agree more! When things get so bad, you know there is no way back to how it used to be. This line of thought is applied on the international financial crisis, but it’s also applicable on politics. When certain politicians (or an entire regime in this case) have shown so little positive revenue for so long, one should use any window of opportunity to create new chances.

In Iran, this window of opportunity is opening up. Presidential elections will soon take place. The same regime that has suffocated its people for the last thirty years will once again pour its old poisonous wine in new ugly glasses and offer it to its people. It’s time to take that old poisonous wine in new ugly glasses and throw it off the cliff! A burning ritual would be fine too!

Anyway, in an ideal world, the Iranian people would realise that after voting at all the elections during the Islamic regime, there never will be a real ‘change’, either political or economic. Iran’s Obama yet has to be born. The only wise option would be to use the momentum to flip the entire political status quo upside down. Such moments require out-of-the-box solutions, a free and creative spirit and a strong will to achieve change.

In Iran this would be the best time to do guerrilla campaigns for unlisted candidates (!) or hold an independent and reliable poll to see whether people really want more of the same again or would opt for something more bold and revolutionary. The results could perhaps just give that extra support for a movement towards a new chance/change in national politics. Since when did Iranian politicians do everything according to rules anyway? This is the time to choose: create new chances, or wallow further into a (political) depression.

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