You Must Remember


You must remember the vast sky

and forgiveness when the blue is fading

in breathing distance of your wet eye lashes

and the frozen dot staring on the wall

is the reminder of flying away

seconds away

holding your frozen heart in hand

waiting for clouds to appear

thirsty of crying on you



When tender lips of tomorrow

kiss your thoughts dry and merciless

you must remember the destination

can be reached taking a thousands routes

today, tomorrow, yesterday

this minute, last, to come


You must remember to forgive

but not to forget

to hold on

and let go

to hold hands with the

wind blowing to the end of the earth

taking what’s left and what shall remain



The  lasting smile

that last smile

You must remember that lasting smile

when the cold skin of rain

spreading on yours

like rain that has never been


Farah Afshari

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