The Story of Djalal Part8

As he sent all his capital to her now the husband wants to keep the money and is not willing to share his capital with him, her husband was a Baha’i. Djalal asked me what I could do. If I go back to Iran my wife and her family will be angry with me because they were not agree to send so much money to my sister even my mother was not happy as she sees that I sent everything to my sister, but I loved and trusted my sister so deeply that even I did not dream she will be changed so deeply and be so indifferent to me. But because the mother was a lovely lady she did not say anything. Now Djalal wrote that they even did not take me to the home, which bought actually with my money. I was here few days on the street until a friend helps me to work and found a place for me to live. Now I am a collage teacher in Florida. In the European school or Iranian school the students are very well trained to learn. And if the students knew or feel that the teacher like them and want to help them and feel the teacher is interested in their life and learning, they will even learn more to make the teacher happy. If you push the students to learn and even force them to do their homework the students and their parent are thank full and appreciate this. In America in the American schools I experienced the opposite of this, as I tried to push the students to learn the school system did not support me. A student has cheated in my class 15 times. I sent him to the office and called his parent to come and see me. I thought with their support; I can correct the student as he was a smart boy, but he did not want to listen to me. I called his mother to come and see me. I thought what I want to make him like other students who were working with me. I had two Latin classes in the same room. Latin II and Latin III. The Latin III students were nice and friendly and all of them were working well and all of them were good and students. They were nice, friendly, polite and hard working students. I had no problem with them. In Latin II, my students were good, too. All of them were nice and friendly, except one who does not want to learn and wanted to have fun in the class. He was a smart boy, but he does not like me, because I wanted him to learn in the class. There was another girl in my class, who was very similar to my cousin. She was a beautiful girl and smart, too. She does want to learn as little as possible and wanted to have A also. She always tried to have A without learning and working enough. Actually I liked all my students like my own children and wanted to transfer my experience and knowledge to them as far as I could, but as I was foreign and did not have any support from the school system; so it was hard for me to survive. In European school the school system support the teacher generally. I was teacher in German school for many years. Always I was supported by the school system generally against the students even the parents have supported me. In Iranian school system also the parents and school system support the teacher even if he did not like the student very much and is not interested in their future life. But here was it different. The girl wanted to learn as less as possible but she wanted to have her grade. But this boy wanted a grade by cheating. Her mother did not come the first time and I waited for her and she did not appear. For the second time I had a telephone call from the assistant principal that I should go to his office. I went to his office the mother was sitting there with his son. She started that his son is a good son in the house and his room is clean and he is a smart boy. I agree with her that he was smart and is good boy. The only problem that I have with him was that he wanted to cheat in the class and have his A easily without working for it. All other students were working in my class and listening, he was the only one who did not want to cooperate with me and listen to me. Even the beautiful girl was most of the time listening. Than the mother said he does not respect you. I asked why? There was no answer from her side. She started to say that he comes to school for having fun with the girls and socialize with other children and you are forcing him to learn in the class and asking always questions from him. This time assistant principal shouted and yelled at me with a very loud voice, why I always ask him a lot of questions. Let him sit in the class and relax. Let him do what ever he wants. I do not know why the assistant principal supported this time this student so much. I had two other cases in Latin I, two smart girls wanted to have good score without working for it too. I cut them by cheating in the class. They had the answers in another paper and I sent them to the office. The school system called the parents and me in the office and the school system and the same assistant principal have supported me and said to the parent if they cheat again they be will sent out of the school. From over hundred students that I had in seven different classes only 5 of them wanted not to learn and wanted to have fun in the class also. I corrected most of my students to be good students. Tiffany and Elizabeth both of them were good and smart, but they prefer to have good score without learning for it. But after the school supported me they both have been changed to good nice students and they learn very good and I have no problems with them any more. Actually I love my students like my own children and I wanted that they get good score and do not waste their time in the class. But I do not know why with this special boy; the school system did not support me. They believe more the words of the parent who supported their boy and the boy words than my words and me. After yelling and shouting of the assistant principal, even the mother said later to me “poor man” she sees the matter as a fight not as cooperation. She does not see me as a teacher who wants to help her son, but she wanted me to force to give a good score to his son without his trying to get a good score.

As the school system supported me with the two other girls. I thought this time they will do the same. But this time I was wrong. The mother even asked the assistant principal if they can monitor with a camera me in the class, because she afraid that I force his son to learn. That was the first time I listen such sentence. My son is coming to school to have fun with the girls and you are forcing him to learn. You cannot damage his future and you must give him good score. Now the boy was out of control and wanted to be a hero in the class and so the girls will admire him by cheating and not respecting the teacher. I was here in the USA, because in my own country I could not work; so I did what ever they asked me. Even in the time that the assistant principal shouted and yelled at me in a very bad voice and rude manner form; I kept quite and did not react against that, because I wanted to keep my position. Sorrowfully that brings me to a very poor situation that the students especially the boy knew now that I am in a very weak situation and he can do with me what ever he wants and the school system and parent will support him and not me. Now he wanted to make himself as a winner and me as a loser. He said clearly that he does not want to learn in my class and he wanted good score from me, too. And if I do not give him what he wants my boss the assistant principal will get it for him from me. I did not know that what ever he was saying could come to be truth. As he has disturbed my class and was not listening to me and tried to influence other students to do the same; I asked the teacher union which collect money from my salary every month to support me. So they ask the principal to move the boy to other class. Now he was in other class and I must give the other teacher materials for him to work in her class. She did not teach the same subject. She said that he is working well in her class. Now we came to the end of the school year and I must give the final score. In the final exam he wrote a F and now he was with his parent and school principal and the other teacher in the office and they wanted that I change the F to A or B. Now the student said that the materials in the exam was out of the book and I must bring the book and show them exactly that the questions are not out of the book; whatever the student said I must show them in the book and prove it. The Latin book II had 24 lessons and I just questioned him 20 words from the first 3 chapters. And he gets an F. Now I said to the parent that I will give him time to learn these 3 chapters again and I will make another exam and if he knows these three chapters, he will get a better score. They changed one time my D to B for him and this time they wanted for his F a better score, too. But all of them wanted a good score without any trying and working from the student side. They insisted that I should give him now a good score. The principal said that the parent could sue him. I do not know why. They force me to give a good score. Now I knew whatever the student said is right; that school system in this particular case will get a good score for him. I said I am sorrier for the boy than for me, you are training him to cheat and be rewarded; do you thing that later the police and judge will forgive him for his cheating activity. You are abusing the boy. The father said you are not right my boy never cheat. With other words the student cheats and the teacher is punished. I asked in other case a girl to bring her book with and she had never had the book with herself. She went with her mother to the counselor and the counselor told me in her office that she can look in her friend’s book and need not to bring her book with herself. With other words I could not even ask the student to bring her/his book with in the school. So these 5 students in whole 7 classes that I had could be not corrected and the system was so indifferent; they even did not try to correct them. The other students damage the computer and torn the books in the class, I sent him to the office again; now I must prove that he did that activities and he was saying he did not do these and the school assistant principal believed him and not me; the computer has been damaged by itself and the book was torn by itself, too. Later the same student put the projector in my eye and pointed laser in my eye, too, so the teacher is a victim and the police and judge have so much power and the teacher is a helpless person, why the student who has so much freedom in the school, later the judge should have so much power over him, he is trained not to respect adult or the teacher, why later he is forced to respect the police and judge, why the teacher should not be respected and the police and judge should be respected by her/him. Is not this a dual moral? I remembered the other side of the case, which I was student and the teachers, were so cruel and hit the students and punished them when they have no homework. I was sick one day and next day I went to school. The teacher sent me out of the class to the principal and he without any question he hit me. I was so angry that I wrote bad words about the teacher on the wall and now they hit and punished me so badly that I had a lot of wound in my body. From one extreme to another extreme. If the students will be very well trained in the school, later they will have no problems with the police and judges.

Now the other side, the students do not respect the teachers and are cruel to them. I thought always I would be a teacher and will love and help the students. Now the teacher cannot even touch the students and must respect them as adult which are good, but why the teacher should not be respected? As I was teacher in different countries I can come to one result. The system, which controls the world, does want unity of mankind. In other countries the children have no possibilities to learn and going to school or collage and they are so willing to learn, but they cannot. In Iran the entry exam is so difficult that maybe 1 from 20 can pass the exam. In American everybody can go to collage and the teacher are in the service of students. But as I was teacher in high school here, I saw how the teacher is abused by the system, by the students and the school system. In one school year more than 20 times I was asked to the office that the students are saying I am teaching too much. I must slow down and have fun with the students they said. Take them out and play with them. In other countries the students want to learn and have no possibilities and here they have the possibilities and do not want to learn, because the system does not want them to be very well trained. They want to use drug and other illegal materials, but they do not want to learn and listen to the teachers and nobody care about them and explain them to use drugs is not good. I remember that in Germany one time a girl in my class was crying and I asked her why she was crying. She said that the other teachers said, listen, you are so unlucky that a camel rider is teaching you now. It was I. That time I had a country and I could go back immediately. As I was in the air I promised to myself that I would never go back to other countries for working or learning. When the people of other countries do not like us why we should go there. But than come revolution in Iran and because my mother was Baha’I the regime of Iran did not accept me as a Moslem and I should go out of the country and I must come here in the USA to be punished by the Christians or Americans, because I am not from here, I did not study here, and I do not know the culture very well. Generally the Americans do not have patient for other cultures and they do not give me the same chance. So in Iran I was in a top position and here I must start from the bottom again. The system is different, my experience is different and all of these bring my situation down and make it hard. I worked here as a teacher in Cyber High School and they did not pay me, they want frees work, but I must pay all costs. I worked here in the Public High School and they did not pay me, because I was foreigner and have no help. Nobody in the school system had interest to help me. I went to the head officer in Iran to ask why I should not work as a teacher as I was a professional teacher. He said you could work as a physical worker.

You are strong and can work as physical worker that was in Iran and the same statement has been said to me here in the USA is the same way that they wanted me to work as a physical worker not as a teacher, why, because I teach too much and I am from other country. The excuse in Iran was that your mother is Baha’I and you were teacher and student in the Christian school and if you want to stay here as a teacher you must write articles in the newspaper against the other religions and so you can stay in your position that was in Iran and here, a mother says to me my boy does not respect you, because you are foreigner. This time I came to the USA without having other choice. In my German class I had a Russian boy who was some how against Iran. He thought that Iranians are much more back in the culture as the Russians and so he said to the students in the class that we are riding camels in our country instead of cars.

The same question had been asked many years ago in Turkey as one student asked me if in Iran there is any car. Now the students in my German II look to me as a camel rider, too. In the time I was teacher at the Azad University in Iran or at the German Schools, the students were so nice and friendly and they learn so good that it was a pleasure to teach them.

I was never tired for teaching them. Now I was forced to teach in American Schools and the system did not support me. So my position as a full time teacher changed to a substitute teacher. Even as a sub teacher I was not respected. I was teacher one day in a school and even the policeman in the school remembered me that I was in the school, but the school system said you were not in the school and I was not paid. The policeman the sheriff did not want to write a letter for me and prove that I was in the school. He knew me even as we were in the same class at the university in some courses, but he was indifferent in this case and does not want to write a letter that I was in the school. He was indifferent just like many other people. That is not my problem and that is your problem, so you must solve it by yourself alone.

As in Germany they say I cannot help you. The love has been died and why the people are trained to be indifferent and very selfish. Why because the system in the world will that situation. If in Iran there was no inflation, the people will not delay their payment. If they people try to understand each other and be nice and friendly with each other, the life will be much more beautiful and much nicer than now, but if there is no hate and disunity then, who will buy these weapons and how can these weapons be sold. If there was no inflation in Iran and law system considered the inflation and the interest so the people would not delay to pay their loan back. I came to the USA, because I had problem in my own country and could not stay there. My son and wife think that I was not smart enough to keep my position in Iran, because I had no other choice. How can I write article in the newspapers against my mother’s religion? How can I write anything against Christians? How can I write something against Islam? My half brothers and sisters they were even nicer to me as my own full sister. My full sister and her husband who Bahai and I were sent them almost all my capital let me not in the house, which has been bought by my money anyhow. But I was always will come in my half brothers and sister house, even in the house of their children I was well come. I did not do anything special for them. I thought the Bahais are much better than Moslems and they will help me as I lost everything for that faith. But I was ignored and rubbed by my Bahai family. I thought the letters and documents which I have and show very clearly that I sent the money to my sister to buy a house for me will help, but 8 years letter writing to the spiritual assembly was a useless work. Just like in Iran, they did not have any interest about me and ignored me. To whom should we go? The System and Organization in the whole world are getting indifferent. Even if you are a victim of a religion they do not care about you. People and the government in Iran misused me, because my mother was Bahai and I have been misused here by my Bahai family and have been ignored by Bahai organizations. What will be the result, my son does not believe in love anymore and as they saw that the Bahai system is indifferent, they have left me, too. And coming here did not give me a better position and the persecuted position, which I had in Iran. In this time I was with Djalal, he cried and said that I had no other choice like you. I could not work in Iran any more and the people did not like me any more as my mother was Baha’i. Five years I worked hard and prepared the simple life for myself and as I got a full time position as a teacher and thought this position will continue so I wrote to my family to come here and I can support them a little bit, but as they came here the school system changed my position and I was not a full time teacher any more. I was a part time teacher in collage and substitute teacher in school system. That was my punishment, because the school system believe the students more than me, because I am like you from Middle East, and they think the Middle East people do not like them and will damage their system as they the Middle East people think the oil companies robbed their countries so the Middle East people will take the revenge. A girl said that I want to change her B to C, because she did not listen in the class and the school system believed it. The assistant principal called me in the class and said very loud that I should give a B to that girl. I never said to the girl that I would change her B to C. I gave everyday credits to the students who listen in the class, but if they did not concentrate in the class and if I ask something and or ask they to continue reading and they did not know where it was; so they will get a negative point for their participation in the class. In this way I could control them to listen and work in the class with reward of participation and the other teacher did the same thing.

If the student does not listen so he/she could not answer. And I gave him/her a negative point. The problem is that the people want to keep their positions even if they know they do not treat other people nicely. After the boy get his F changed to B. The mother said to the assistant principal thank you sweaty. The assistant principal helped me to correct the other students, but he did not help me to correct this boy. And I do not know why? Djalal said that he had the same problem with the school system, they do not respect the foreign teachers like the American ones. He said my son and wife get very upset, as they knew I have lost my position as a full time teacher and they were blaming on me and said, if I did what ever they wanted I would keep my position.

But how can you keep your position if you let the students cheat and do nothing. The other students will cheat, too. Nobody will learn as the class cannot be control and everybody can cheat and the teacher has no power to cut them…how can you teach, if the students are supported to cheat? If the teacher in the class will ignore cheating, so you cannot control the class.

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