200 Years of Being Checkmated

It has been 200 years since our Beloved fatherland Persia has been checkmated by our Foreign Friends.

1) Islamic Republic officials and their Bazaari Mafia have been Bribed to the Bone.

2) We don’t have a strong & United National Army.

3) We have no Assets.

4) We the people of Persia have no Unity as we All want to be leaders Ourselves.

5) Last but not least, We don’t have Anyone whom would Dare to declare himself/herself a leader.

All because our Parents were Sleep and continue to live in Denial.

We the burnt Younger Generation are only Paying the ultimate price of Our not So educated & Naive Parents.

It is time for the Younger Persians to continue the Fight to the Finish & We the People choose New Bright & Brave educated Younger leaders.

In a true Democracy everyone will have only 1 vote.

Once We lose a Chess game the game is Over, however there will be time to start fresh and Start a New Game, but this time on Our terms.


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