Country has no Saheb (Owner)

Please let us not to get so caught up with this election which is just a sham and a symbolic overture that has no merit.

Iranian presidents have no legitimate power and their actions or their elections will have no effect on the daily life’s of average Iranians.

Iran is ruled by an oligopoly of corrupt Mullahs and akhunds (expedience council) and their supreme leader Mr. Khamenie.

If anyone of you has ever watched God Father, think of Khameni as the god father and the rest of the clan as the maffiose.

In a country that unemployment rate and inflation rate both are over 20% what can one do to help over come that.

Iran is a time bomb just ready to explode and join the rest of the poor countries in the world.

Election or no election the Mullahs are still in power and the people still have no freedom, the minorities are still harassed, women are treated like dogs and Bahais and the rest of religious minorities are discriminated against.

Corruption and embezzlement and criminal activities carried out by the thugs in the regime will still continue after the election and the Iranian people will still be poor and 90% will live under poverty.

Therefore; I have no faith in Mr. Mousavi or the rest of the clowns who are part of this terrorist regime.

Iran will only change when the whole regime changes.

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