Meaning Of Success

Demotivation Of Pessimism: When we look at amazing success stories with envy and pessimism, we build excuses into our belief system that keep us from being willing to risk and try and grow to achieve more than a 9-5 job with benefits.  You can choose to hate Microsoft (for example) or recognize their contribution to the Internet by making computers easily accessible to us regular folk…not just the nerds.  Millions of people are in business for themselves, thanks to the vision of Bill Gates and company.  I couldn’t be online, helping people with their problems, without Microsoft products.  Countless millionaires and probably some billionaires owe a large part of their success to Bill Gates.

When we buy these stories that other people’s success is built on robbing others, or drug dealing or cheating, we eliminate our chances for success because we don’t want to do those things.  The problem is, we’re buying a lie!  How many people have I heard complain that they’re being kept down by “the man?”  It’s true!  But, the man who’s keeping you down is you.  Don’t buy it!  Most successful people, including the 3 I’ve mentioned here, have overcome great challenges and achieved their success by providing a more useful product at a reasonable price and by making it possible for countless others to succeed at the same time.  It’s true, there are obstacles everywhere you look.  You can get over or around them or you can turn back, only to find obstacles in that direction, too.

Adversity + Ambition = Achievement: The obstacles are something completely different when we see successful people as examples instead of excuses.  All of a sudden we learn of the tremendous adversity and heartache most successful people overcame to get to their goals.  Their examples teach us a new attitude, to see obstacles, not as a barricade but as a ladder.  The harder it is, the more you have to overcome, the stronger and better you become.   The better you become, the more success you can achieve.  The struggle, then, isn’t a setback or a failure, but a tool for greatness.   While this adversity causes most to quit or never try at all, the rewards for those who don’t quit become even greater and those rewards go far beyond money.

Education For Life: The meaning of success can never be measured in money. It’s nothing, compared to the other rewards. I’ve had the privilege of knowing a few financially successful people and a few others, successful in other areas while earning a modest income.  I guess I’d place myself in the latter group.  In my observation, successful people have a depth of life the envious will never understand.  I’ve noticed adversity doesn’t harden successful people. It softens them. Sure, they get calluses, like any hard worker, but their compassion and sensitivity are unsurpassed. The struggles they’ve endured cause them to reach out and help others who are trying to achieve. The wisdom they’ve acquired causes them to refrain from helping people who aren’t trying.

“It`s three Generations from shirt-sleeves to shirt-sleeves.”
(It`s Harder to Be a Success When Your Parents Already Are).

“Today’s dream is tomorrow’s Reality, so Dream On.

Determination + Goal Setting + Concentration = Success

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