Mousavi Is More In Touch With His Feminine Side (anima) !!!

According to Jung, the famous psychoanalyst, the persoanlity structure consists of the ego, the persona, the shadow, the anima and animus, the personal unconscious and the collective unconscious. The anima represents the feminine traits and the animus represents the masculine traits.

Although, I do not believe in this election/selection, I did watch portions of the debates. What I find interesting is that these two candidates are so different. Following is the summary of what I observed. (Please read it with a sense of humor).

1) Mousavi seems somewhat shy. Ahmadinejad seems confident to the point of being arrogant.

2) Mousavi sounds interested in talking about people. Ahamadinejad sounds interested in talking about his accomplishments.

3) Mousavi sounds interested in cooperation. Ahamadinejad sounds interested in domination.

4) Mousavi seems to be interested in connectedness (with the world). Ahamadinejad seems to be interested in distancing Iran from the world.

5) Mousavi sounds interested in diplomacy. Ahamadinejad sounds interested in aggression.

6) Mousavi seems laid back/passive. Ahmadinejad seems energetic/aggressive.

7) Mousavi is reportedly interested in painting and designing buildings. Ahmadinejad is interested in nuclear power.

8)) Mousavi seems emotional. Ahamadinejad looks unemotional (his facial expressions remain the same).

9) Mousavi seems felexible.  Ahamadinejad seems rigid.

10)Mousavi believes in peace.  Ahamadinejad believes in war.

In summary one could say,  “Mousavi is more in touch with his feminine side.”

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