Ahmadinejad’s first round vicotry is a big joke

While Iran election is more democratic and progressive than so many countries around Persian Gulf and Middle East, For instance ,Egypt which Husni Mubarak is the lone candidate, Saudi Arabia who do not have Parliament ruling undemocratic, but in reality the election in Iran is undemocratic because People have choice to vote to those who are belonging to the regime and are royal to the supreme leader which is against Quran, and Islamic soul and Prophet Mohammad (S) sunat (Sunnah) the election which people can not candid themselves and guardian council who are elected by supreme leader appoint them, is mocking democracy and Islam.

Ahmadinejad is not corrupt but this is not enough to be a good politician in the Middle East. He has support among poor and working class but not enough to have a majority. it is a big joke.

Those who pushed people to come out and vote, they made mistake and are sinner. They have to ask Allah to forgive them because it looks it is a fabrication and manipulation in the election.

Benyamin Natinyah and Lieberman ( right wing Israeli) and AIPAC celebrating Ahmadinejad re-election. The stock for the oil, military complex and security firms will be increased.

Ahmadinejad ‘s victory in first round is insult to all Iranian include those Young honest supporters of Ahmadinejad.

Saeed Soltanpour




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