“Coup d’eTat of 2009 or Potato Effect?”

It is an important time in the history of our country and it is the responsibility of all Iranians to use all means possible to speak up against the “Coup d’eTat of 2009” that is in progress in our country.  

I am still waiting to see if the “The Supreme Leader” announces Ahmadinejad as winner. As of this moment he congratulated people for more than 80% attendance but has not named Ahmadinejad yet! Both Mousavi and Karoubi announced that the election result was a sham and neither approved of it. Mousavi stated that he “I will not surrender…remain in the scene” . Also it will be interesting to see what Rezaii, Khatami and Rafsanjani will say.

Ahmadinejad mafia is claiming that the reason for their victory was the high number of votes in the smaller cities and villages. I guess Asieh Amini was right when she wrote that one of her friends on the way to mountain climbing asked a villager why he was voting for Ahmadinejad. He replied: “At least this guy is giving away free potatoes, the other one is even giving away that”. Potato or not this mockery of buying votes , preventing votes and creating votes mixed with manipulation of the communication, texting, internet system of the country complimented with the final show of announcing the winner after 10% of the so called vote count followed with a court order by no one but the famous judge Mortazavi to lock up the doors of Mousavi’s campaign headquarter after filling it with pepper gas and kicking out his communication managers after filling up the streets with riot police everywhere and plain clothes men , is what should go in history as Coup d’eTat of 2009 .

Whose Coup (Ahmadinejad or Khamenei or both?) I am still waiting to find out.


Some of the quotes from President-elect Mousavi today:

“obvious and numerous violations and irregularities in the election day” .
“We will not surrender”
“remain in the scene”
“such an injustice will cause the removal of the legitimacy”
“in case the result is not changed the people will not condescend to the president.”
“I personally strongly protest the many obvious violations and I’m warning I will not surrender to this dangerous charade. The result of what I see from such a performance of dishonest people is shaking the pillars of the system of Islamic Republic and the rule of deception and dictatorship.”
“I ask the officials to stop such a process before it is too late and return to the land of law and preserve people’s rights.”
“People who waited in long lines, they know the composition of the votes and they themselves know who they voted for…They are surprised and are watching the juggling of … officials when they announced the result.”
“Will reveal the secrets behind this dangerous charade”
“I’m warning that I won’t surrender to this manipulation” .
“people won’t respect those who take power through fraud”
“treason to the votes of the people.”

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