Today is Sadderday

I knew it would happen, and I said it would happen. But deep in my heart I never thought it would actually happen! Everything looked so good, and it semed too good to be true. Yet with all the logic, and obvious signals to the contrary, people still thought Moussavi would win.

I hope now, people will see how participating in this election process, is useless, and that next time they will boycott the election out of protest to the system of the election, and not fall for patriotism and hope.

Although since the government is making all the results up, there is no way even a full 100% boycott would achieve anything either.

We are it seems indeed rats caught in a trap. Our greed put us there, and like vermin we are unable to escape our own doing. 

As I am sure by now everyone has read the results, and even though Moussavi was largely a shill for the ruling council and Supreme Leader, I’d rather Moussavi had the largely ceremonial and ineffective, powerless post of President, than Ahmadinejad.

This is what I don’t get about Khamenei.

I mean, why approve him to run, if all you’re going to do is put your own boy up on the pony anyway?

Now, with anger running in the streets of Tehran mostly, and with the sound of the “Smack!” of the baton hits from the riot police reaching Moussavi’s ears, he is now apaprently in hiding too.

Which is classic Iranian politics. 

“We won! We won!”

“I told you we’d win!”

“I know your uncle really came through!”

“I told you he would!”

“Now, let’s go find the loser!”

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