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Being neutral and an observer, considering the new student movement and demonstrations, it reminds me very much of the last student movement in Iran. I remember how Toronto Iranians were preparing to remember the anniversary of the student movement by gathering at Mel Lastman Square in Toronto. I am still amazed why I ever attended that event. It was full of Irani Hamvatan and there was dancing and singing. I can’t possibly forget Sattar being asked to sing the Iranian National Anthem. He said he doesn’t know the lyrics and asked to write them down for him. He DID sing and still did it wrong.

During the National Anthem, guys where looking at some girls, a family man was biting his Kabab sandwich, and few people were humming the anthem.

I remembered that at my Canadian school, at 9 am, the national anthem would be broadcast through loudspeakers and school principal, teacher or student would stop whatever they were doing and would shut up and wait out the few minutes the anthem was being broadcast. At the anniversary of the student movement, the only national thing was the event organizer who was asking the audience to choose between Azari, Gilaki and other songs. How many people showed up because Sattar and Co. were there to perform at no cost?

I left the event in full disgust.

Back to Toronto, but this time 2009. Lets see:

Tamil suffering in Sri Lanka and civil war. According to Statistics Canada there were 73,840 Iranians in Toronto in 2006 and 200,000Tamils in 2009. In all of Canada, 121,510 Iranians.

Statistics aside. The main point is facts and fiction:

We boast so much about our 2500 year old civilization and talk about Persian advances and poets and scientists.

I’m sorry guys! We should envy the Tamils. The Tamil community including young children and old men and women stood in a human chain for days in downtown Toronto to create awareness about the misery and killing going on in Sri Lanka. More than 33000 Tamils gathered for days. Where were the Iranians in Toronto? A mere 1000 of them at Mel Lastman Sqaure? Hamvatan, gheirat ro az Tamil ha yad begir! That was before today when people got shot! Today, right this moment, all these 2500 year old civilization citizens are either eating their kabab at Iranian restaurants or do whatever gossiping they are doing somewhere instead of being at Mel Lastman Square and protesting and having their voices heard! These people want to support students in Iran and change the government? OMG! Please don’t make me laugh! Such a waste of human life dying for these people. All these Iran-Map-Gold chain wearing Iranians who would turn Toronto upside down if Iran wins in a soccer game don’t give a damn about nationalism and Iranian people. They are more concerned about dokhtar bazi, laat bazi and poz dadan! I envy the Tamil movement and their determination! If Kennedy said “I’m a Berliner”, then I am a Tamil. I am telling these people: Bad bakhta, ta 2500 saale dige hamin toosari khor mimoonid va hich ghalati ham nemitoonid bekonid!

My friends, I am proud of you, knowing each one of you did contribute somehow and made your voice heard!

Zende Baad Iran!Iran

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