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Today, Tuesday, June 16th, 2009, the third protest gathering organized by International Alliance of Iranian Students took place in San Francisco’s Union Square. The event was attended by more than a thousand people. Iranians of all political and religious backgrounds came together to declare their solidarity with young Iranians who have been protesting the elections results all over Iran. San Francisco Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi spoke to the crowd and expressed his support for all Iranians’ quest for freedom and democracy for Iran. Compared to the other two gatherings of last Saturday and Sunday, this one was better organized and better attended. The crowd was also a lot more emotional today, due to news of the brutal attacks on protesters in Iran, carrying pictures of the injured and dead Iranian demonstrators. All through the event, with the tens of slogans chanted, the one which moved the crowd the most and made every one of them yell with all their might was “natarseen, natarseen, maa hameh ba ham hasteem” (Fear not, fear not, we are all together). While everyone is starkly aware of the seriousness and gravity of what is happening in Iran and the risk those people are taking in confronting the armed army of thugs and riot police, the message this group and the ones from the other two gatherings are sending people in Iran is “So long as you keep your peaceful protests in Iran, we will keep ours outside Iran to bring attention to what is happening in Iran.” Simple, moving, and necessary. That’s what this gathering was all about.

The next Northern California protest is scheduled for tomorrow, June 17th, 2009 from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. at Stanford University, Palm Drive, Stanford Oval, inside the green area after Palm Drive. If you live in these parts, please show up and support the young Iranians in search of their civil rights. 1234 next › last »

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