It’s about rejecting IRI, not supporting Mousavi!

The chickens have come home to roost!!

IRI is done. It might not happen in 2009 and with this uprising by our brave brothers and sisters, but the beginning of the end of the darkest era in Iran’s history has started.

If this regime had any, and I mean any, legitimacy at all, and if it was able to fool a few people here and there (some of them on this site!) to believe it has any sense of decency , and it has any legality, and it has any logic or reason behind what it says and does, that has shattered. For 30 years this regime organized this sham circus called “elections” to fool a few clueless self loathers and Fascism apologizers in the West and among us Iranians to think it is a “republic”. We asked them not to get fooled by this regime, but they didn’t listen. So they kept writing and speaking in favor of this regime. They said Iran has a “from of democracy” and IRI is a “victim” of U.S policies, and best of them all, “people support this regime!”, well, that has all shattered. All the attempts to dumify the people around the world about the true nature of the regime and what really goes on Iran has been exposed and rejected. The people of the world have awakened.

This is not about Mousavi or that other clown. Mousavi was one of IRIs goons during Iran’s darkest days in the 1980s. Why didn’t he speak out then? He was silent about the mass executions and imprisonments of our people then, but now he’s speaking against it? Ok, you know what, good for him! And I’m glad he has changed his mind. That’s not saying he shouldn’t be trialed, like other IRI goons, for crimes against humanity in Iran, but that’s a different subject. The point is no one gives a flying crap about him. This uprising is not about him. It’s about the regime.

Iranians are revolting against the regime. Mousavi is their excuse, nothing more and nothing less. Its not about “protesting an election”, or being pissed about possible fraud, these all are excuses. It’s about Iranians rejecting this regime, top to bottom. Iranians know well that the regime every few years brings some people and call one a “reformist” and the other “non reformist” so that way the world thinks there is “elections” in Iran and political competition! What did the most reformist of them all, Khatami, do? Lets pretend he had good intentions, the real question is, what could’ve he done? Nothing! The power is in the hand of Khamenei, the religious dictator. The IRI constitution and 30 years of proven history right in front of us prove that.

The biggest outcome of this circus was that this regime and their supporters were exposed. All the IRI supporters on this site who came out and wrote and posted saying that “IRI has majority support in Iran”, and “Its all America’s fault”, and “It is the West who behind all these recent events”, and that “CIA created facebook to control the world”, or that one dude who was proud to “greet Ahmadinezhad in NY as Iran’s president!”, or the one who recently posted news on this site on how “Israeli riot police mistreats Palestinians” at a time when the same exact thing happening in Iran to our people and he’s staying silent about it, or that “West is de-legitimizing the regime” as if the regime had any legitimacy to begin with, well, all of those folks ought to be ashamed of themselves, to say the least. They have to apologize to all Iranians for speaking in favor of such a demonic regime only and only to satisfy their sick and twisted blind Anti American, anti Israeli, pro Fascism leftist desires. They are clearly supporting the oppression of the Iranian people. They have shown how little, if any, regard they have for the dignity of our country and for the lives and undeniable rights of our people. If their support for this Fascist regime continues while it’s murdering our people, they are officially an acomplis to the crimes of the IRI.

Iranians were looking to an event to ignite them. They are not afraid anymore. That’s what IRI is scared of. IRI might be able to crush this uprising as for it killing Iranians is a hobby, one should not be surprised, and the fact is the success of this uprising depends on how much non students support this group by organizing strikes and for the military to sport people’s uprising, but nonetheless, this a irreversible trend that just started.

The Iranian people will tolerate IRIs oppression, fundamentalism, terrorism and dictatorship no more. The world needs to support the Iranian people. It’s in their own interest for this terrorism inspiring and supporting regime to be removed.

Iranians have shown what they want: freedom. It’s their right and desire. IRI has taken that away from them. Let’s support these heroes. Let’s ask the world to support them.

God bless Iran.

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