Obama’s correct Iran Policy, SO FAR!!

Iran presently is in the middle of the most rapid evolution of its revolution. This new phase has been afforded in parts by the open debates which led to massive participation of Iranians in the presidential elections. A big factor which facilitated this openness was the security Iranians felt against foreign threats, itself resonated by president Obama’s outreach to Iran. For the first time in thirty years after the revolution, allegations against powerful clerics on the top of the Iranian power structure has been put on the table for public debate. The healthy fracture that was created in the hitherto well protected factions inside Iran, is rupturing rapidly. However, the real power of this evolutionary phase doesn’t not emanate from different clerical factions, represented by Mousavi or Ahmadinejad. Rather, it rests with the Iranian youth who are pouring in the streets for their legitimate aspirations, and is manifesting itself in as a challenge to even some political foundations which has been out of question before. This is a very healthy phase in Iranian revolution and must not be interrupted by foreign powers. Short of a large bloody civil unrest that might erupt because of the very close win of Mousavi in the city of Tehran, and a more pronounced win of Ahmadinejad in the rest of the country, or an engagement of the military beyond  a riot control, these daily demonstration in Iran are a magnificent step forward for Iranian people. It furthers Iranian democracy in leaps, and so far as women’s right is concerned, it is high time for those leaps. Unfortunately, there has been already some blood in the streets, and hopefully this will not end by pitting different groups of Iranian people against each other.

At this important juncture, President Obama should not follow the advice of people in the US who have failed to achieve what he achieved in a short time regarding his Iran policy. Let’s not get blindsided by the outpouring of the Iranian youth in the streets for their legitimate RIGHTS. Let’s not forget that although there are divisions on the internal economic policies, or degree of openness among supporters of different presidential candidates, 94% of all Iranians support Iran’s right to nuclear energy which is advocated by both candidates, Mosavi and Ahmadinejad. The main message that the US administration regarding  its foreign policy towards Iran should get is this fact represented by an 85% turnout in Iranian election, and the fact that the large majority from both sides in Iran’s presidential election also desire a relation with the United State. The huge demonstrations in Iran from both camp include people who unanimously welcomed president Obama’s call for a dialogue between the two countries. President Obama’s announced non-belligerent and non-interference in internal affairs of Iran, has already aspired the Iranian people to demand more openness and freedom inside Iran. Any wrong message by US president at this critical juncture, the types of interfering messages that Sen. McCain and his typical crowd are advocating now, would reverse the monumental gains that Iranian people had in an amazingly short period. If president Obama heed to the advice of people like McCain, the chants of the youth in the streets of Tehran from demand for more freedom and democracy will turn quickly back to chants of “Death to America!”

President Obama must be commended for his wise Iran policy by letting Iranians sort out their own internal affair. A US meddling in Iranian affairs will certainly return the clock, and reverse the hard earned gains of Iranian people. 

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