So our people are under attack from Arab thugs again!…

It was reported and verified by a Spiegel German reporter in Iran that the regime has brought many Arab speaking Hizbollah factions from Lebanon to attack the Iranian people. Overnight Sunday, police reportedly raided student dormitories at Tehran University where some 3,000 students had earlier held an anti-Ahmadinejad rally.Rooms were damaged, computers smashed, and hard drives taken, and students beaten and arrested, according to the Associated Press (AP). It is that reported 5 students have died in the attack.

The vicious attacks on people by the hired thugs of the regime are failing more and more as the mullahs’ instrument of rule by terror. The police and official security apparatus are less and less willing to exercise brute force to suppress the people. That’s exactly why the regime has imported Arab speaking terrorist groups such as Lebanese Hizbollah and Palestinian thugs.

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