The emperor has no clothes

Whatever the immediate outcome of the breathlessly fast-paste ongoing events in Iran may be, there are number of certainties that can be counted on.

1-The brutal indiscriminate reaction of the Islamist regime to the peaceful demonstrators lays bare the carefully perpetuated lie about the existence of some sort of democracy within the context of the Islamist republic. In no sort of democracy, if there ever were such variations, the armed state thugs are the judge, jury and executioner as has been and is the case in the Islamist republic.
2-The Islamist regime is innately unreformable. Knowing the precarious nature of its ideology it can’t risk any reform which will immediately lead to its total demise. No matter how committed an Islamist the regime-anointed might be the system cannot tolerate any meaningful reform.

3-The emperor has no clothes, the one and only who matters in the Islamist republic is the “Supreme Leader”, the rest including all the “voting” shows are window-dressings.
4-Any and all deals that are cut with the Islamist republic will be seen for what they are, cutting deals with an Islamist tyranny posing as some sort of “indigenous” democracy.

5-For the sake of posterity as opposed to the Islamist regime, Iran’  allies and predators have once again been exposed. 

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