Response to Roya Hakakian’s Blog

I know there are people who love to pick on the sentimental – FEMALE – Iranian authors. Personally, I think there’s something else that’s bothering these men who choose to target these writers (mostly because their criticism lacks anything other than jokes about their hair, nails, and makeup). Anyway, one of these female targets, Roya Hakakian, has written a blog for the Huffington Post, which has a VERY large audience inside and outside the USA. 

She raises a great point: Thank you for supporting Iranians during the feast (the recent, major and incredible events that have unfolded in Tehran!), but also be with us when the shiny news stories disappear. Personally, I hate this phrase “feast and famine”, but it serves the purpose here.


So, I want to thank the non-Iranian people on (and elsewhere) who have been sticking with Iran, following the stories, and doing boring research about AYATOLLAHS and VELAYAT-E-FAGHEE even when it wasn’t chic to know what the hell these terms meant. Specifically, thank you to Rosie. She has been patient and supportive with us, through the days of terror with ZION and she told us about the labor purge when most of us were probably just clicking video playlists in itunes. 

That’s just my personal thank you. You should thank your friends and supporters/spies too 🙂

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