Three Protest Events in NYC this Weekend

I got the  following three e-mails:


Saturday, June 20, 2009, 2:00pm – 5:00pm

The United Nations Headquarters at East 47th Street between 2nd and 1st Ave

After what happened today our support is more crucial than ever. We will do whatever we can to support our brothers, sisters, friends and countrymen.

At this critical moment, when the Iranian government has shamelessly thwarted the will of the people, we as Iranian students, youth, and any people of good will everywhere must act. At this turning point of our history, it is our duty to do whatever is in our power to stop them before we reach a point of no return.

As the international community is reacting to the election coup in Iran within the next few days, we need to put pressure on the world to refrain from affirming the election results. The world must not stand idly by while the peaceful collective will of our people is suppressed.

We will demand that the United Nations put pressure on the Iranian government to invalidate the election or allow a truly independent committee to recount the people’s votes. The regime is brutally beating innocent young people who are protesting in the streets across the country. There will be more blood if the world remains quiet. And if we remain quiet the world will remain quiet.

We are standing as one. No Flag, No political factions!

  • Do not let media sources and special interest groups hijack the true demands of the Iranian people!
  • wearing black with a green headband/wristband is recommended.
  • We will be there rain or shine. Please bring umbrellas, they might be needed.
  • Please help us to spread the word about the event to the friends who can make it. please forward without sender’s nameSaturday, June 20, 2009, 2:00pm – 5:00pm

    The United Nations Headquarters at East 47th Street between 2nd and 1st Ave



Gathering in Columbia University with:
A meeting in support of our brave people in Iran
Panel discussion with Iranian scholars and activists

Fatemeh Haghighat Jou
Hamid Dabashi
Mohsen Kadivar

Saturday, June 20th 2009
Altschull Auditorium (Room 403)

420 W 118th Street
International Affairs Building
New York, NY 10027




Kourosh Parsa wrote:


Organizer: Solidarity with the Iranian people committee[Ahmad Pakzad, Kourosh Parsa, Mohsen Ghaemmagham]  Event: Demonstration in solidarity with the people of Iran Please join us to support the Iranian people’s struggle against the election rigging and dictatorship.  Time: 12:30 to 5 PMDate: Sunday June 21st
Place: Dag Hammershold Plaza
47th street 1st Avenue

Manhattan NY 


If anyone’s going, especially to the second one, would you contact me at if you want to so I could meet you?



Actually, the first one’s sort of a little historico-ironico for me because it was Ahmadinejad’s showdown with Bollinger at Columbia in 2007-the one where he made that ridiculous comment about gays– that wound up getting me involved on these threads. I’m a CU alumna and I so thoroughly loathed and detested Bollinger that I kinda sorta hadda root for Mahmood (and me of all people, a gay rights activist since the year of the flood). But those were the Bush days and very different times in every way and I  don’t hafta do that anymore.

Please don’t be too hard on Hamid. Yes he writes very florid prose, but he’s the one who made one of my all-time favorite comments at the Brecht Forum. I paraphrase: Islam is obsessed with covering the female body and the West is obsessed with uncovering it and I wish they’d both just leave it alone.


Ya gotta love him…


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