A ‘NEW’ Iran – A ‘SECULAR’ Democracy

In this blog from yesterday, I outlined in some detail the reasons that this movement has transcended the initial voter fraud issue, and has become a movement for freedom and liberty.

If you have seen the widespread coverage of the demonstrations throughout Iran, it is absolutely obvious that people’s demands are exactly that: A Change of this regime. The Iranian People are sick and tired of the tyranny and despotism of this Islamic Regime.

Let’s not forget that the best form of government is the one with Religion and Government being separate from oneanother. Anytime in the history of mankind, when Government and Religion were not separate, and acted together, there has been massive incompetence, corruption, and tyranny. The Europeans and the West noticed that several hundred years ago, and we Iranians should realize that now!

My Iranian Brothers and Sisters, let’s remember this as we move forward. The New Iran should be a Secular Iran, with Democratic Values: Or Simply, A Secular Democracy!

We should continue supporting our Brothers and Sisters in Iran in any which way that we can. By giving them Moral Support, Financial Support, etc. It’s Not Going To Be Easy … But it’s Well Worth the fight!

Thank You …..

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