BBC eyewitness: ‘Security everywhere’

Shops this evening were not shuttered. The streets were jammed with cars, with mopeds and motorbikes buzzing around them.


The pavements were full too. Some of the people looked as if they werewaiting for some leadership, for a demonstration that they could join. From time to time small groups would come together and try to move down the street together chanting and clapping. saw one group of demstrators, perhaps 400-500 people, walking briskly down one side of a major road in the city centre. Bystanders were waving and making gestures of support. Then, very quickly, tear gas canisters were fired into the crowd, and they broke and ran. It was a hot, windless evening, and the gas hung over the streets, prickling noses and eyes long after the demonstrators were dispersed 


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