Iran News updates June 20, 2009 – updated 8:00 EST

Evening June 20 photo above 

State media told people not to leave home after 8 pm. Curfew in effect! 

UNCONFIRMED: Tanks rolling in

regime forces hitting older women

Basijees being retreated by people :

Samira makhbalbaf: “Until Friday we had 80 percent dictatorship and 20 percent democracy, and since Friday we have 100 percent dictatorship.”  

Authenticity of video is not verified but the fact that they have so many ballots by ityself is questionable:

Doctors/Medics in Tehran: Call Canadian Embassy + offer yr assistance

Assembly of Experts announced their full support for Khamenei’s Friday address

Bullet wound first aid info in Persian:

To those making videos of protest use a newspaper 2 confirm date.News channels won’t be as hesitant to report if dated.

Embassy Maps in Iran to take injoured:

Reports of chemical burns. How to treat chemical injuries:

Use burning newspaper to help with tear gas


Iranian flimmakers: please narrate Persian videos to English and repost

unconfirmed military tank in Azadi square




Zhila Baniyaghoob (journalist, women’s rights activist) has been arrested

Bahman Ahmadi Amouee (Zhila’s husband, journalist) also arrested

Plain clothes police are at hospitals taking names. Injured are being encouraged to go to embassies.

Fatemiyeh Hospital Tehran: 30-40 dead as of 11pm; 200 injured. Police taking names of incoming injured

Clashes have intensified in tehran, shiraz and isfahan

Chants of death to Khamenei has been heard

Mohamad Ghoochani, chief editor of Etemad Melli (Karoubi’s newspaper) arrested 2 AM yesterday

Baseeji center in Navvab put on fire

Mousavi:  I am prepared to die for this cause, if I am arrested I ask all to go on national strike

Milita using Ambulances to lure people & then shoot at them near roodaki & azarbayjan st

Basij Millita attacking people at Haft Hooz Sq, Heavy Clashes Just Started

TAKING WOUNDED Portugese Embassy No.30, Nezami St., Abbas Pour St., Valy-e-Asr

Chants today محمود جنایت می کند رهبرحمایت می کندMahmoud commits crime, Leader supports

Foreign embassies in Tehran opened their doors to the wounded & Injured

Government Violence in Tabriz, Mashad, Isfahan, Ahwaz

People held Quran at hand today

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