Movement is not DEAD

The Movement is not dead

This is just a start.Thse who think by force and intimidation can suppress the movent have fooled themselves. By murdering and killing people you have not achieved your criminal goa.

What can you do?

Burn your damn terrorist passports. I bet with you all those Iranian who were on the street’s of CA and DC or anywhere else have Iranian passports and support that terrorist regime.

Mobilize and provide lgistic support

Write to your legilsators to not recognize Ahmadinejad government

OBAMA is not allowed to talk to IRAN. IRAN’s regime now is illigitimate and fake.

The world must understand that the regime of Iran is illigitamet and not recognized. He is not elected by the people but by the the Hitler of Iran.

We need to continue.

Iranian in CA please mobilize together and form groups that can help provide logistics and help the movement.

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