Neda was targeted by accident

When you look at the video footage before Neda was shot, you can see that her death is the result of a sniper targeting the crowd from a secure location.  Where the bullet entered her body (upper Torso) and the number of people around her is a sure signature of a professional soldier’s work.  Now, there are only a few armies in the world that have trained soldiers for this type of work.  America, Russia and China to name a few.  None of these and others are likely suspects.  The Iranian army does not need nor has been training for this type of surgical operations or clandestine needs.  So who does that leave?  The evidence points to the Hamas and/or Hezbollah Terrorist snipers who have been training for decades in the Bekaa Valley with the Iranian money.  We have known for some time that Arabs have been imported into Iran from Palestine and Lebanon, trained to be markesmen to take out Israeli Soldiers.  Today we saw that the time and money spend on these Arab murderors by their Arab bosses who are ruling Iran has paid off.  They sniped the crowd and picked out this innocent girl to murder.  The one thing they did not count on, was the world to take notice.  The act would take a life of its own.  Now the world knows that unless the Arabs are stopped, Iran and soon the world will start to burn.

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