Netanyahoo you are on the same path with khameni , anti Free election in your countires

Majority of Iranian are there on the streets in a peaceful demonstration for the basic human rights.the youth are making history by silent peaceful protest , they have nothing to lose, they have no despair the same as Palestinian inside occupied land. so, Mr. Netanyahu is the same attitude of Khamenei and Ahmadi nezhas with different believes of peoples rights but they share same path to violent and ignorance of humanity.Netanyahu and Khamenei are both are bias to their own people .  Urging  Netanyahu  to let a free election inside Israel not just for Jews Israelis but for everybody living there.  what is difference between you and Khamenei , nothing much so , pls do not interfere in the Iranian democracy and republic struggle. We ask Hasan Nasrrolahh not to meddling Iran issues. best Saeed Soltanpour JournalistCanada

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