Hello hello…where are you?

What happened to you Mammad? Soraya Ulrich? Why so silent all of a sudden? You don’t like people’s reaching their boiling point? It is against your concept of peaceful transition from your beloved rule of Islam to a secular democracy? Why don’t you publish another article promoting the rights of these thugs to Nuclear bombs?

You know the end is near. That’s why you are silent. Instead you send your malijak, “Mehdi” on this site to discourage resistance out of fear of losing lives to stop the inevitable.

Call me naïve, but, I believe we have passed the point of no-return. Even if they (the thugs) succeed in silencing this crowd, it will only become the fire under the ash. There is no stopping this movement.

I assure you that any period of calm means opposition is getting organized to deliver the fatal blow.

Some uneducated posters on this site have credited the success of the 1979 riot to willing participation of the oil industry workers. These fools don’t know what they are talking about. Mammad, you and I both know that the act of terrorism succeeded in shutting down the oil industry. I know that for a fact, because I was an eye-witness. I, along many of my co-workers joined the strike out of fear of our lives. Yes, it is true that many opportunist leftists encouraged support of the riot. They were stupid enough to assume it would be easier to get rid of a bunch of Akhoonds than the mighty Shah.

To suggest that people stroked (specifically the oil workers) in free will, is an absolute fabrication.

The whole point of my blog is that for the movement to succeed the opposition needs to first and foremost get organized and then resort to any means to stop the functioning of this blood sucking government. Educate and encourage more and more people to join the cause. Fortunately the thugs are helping this aspect thru their murderous actions. Once the support starts mushrooming, the days of tyranny will be numbered.

Please don’t stop giving them moral support if you can’t physically help them. Give them enough credit for being mature and educated enough to take their own calculated risks.

My heart and mind is with them every minute of the day and feel sad for not knowing how to effectively contribute to their cause.


May they all live long and succeed.

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