The Curse of Chasing Eyes – To Neda’s Killer

Each of us have a life to live. There is no one but us that decides how to live that life. At points there are critical actions that can alter one’s life forever. Actions that can haunt a person for a man’s life…actions that can make them live the hell in life. Does anyone want to be a criminal? Even the thought of it is frightening but…

I know at least one person who has decided to be a criminal. To kill an innocent young woman by choice. The moment you raised that gun, the moment you pulled that trigger, did you ever ponder for a second that you are killing an innocent person? Did you think that you are becoming GHATEL? Did you think that everyone will be afraid of you as if you are infected by plague? Did you know that you have to carry the burdeon of that scene for ever in front of your eyes? Sleep will no longer be the solution to your pain. Her face, her neck bleeding, her body in her father’s arms will be your nightmare for the rest of your life.

They taught us at school some principles. I guess you know them too. Do not steal. Do not take what is not yours. How did you dare to take Neda’s life? Were you the one who gave her life? Weren’t you afraid of God or whoever you beleive that created her life, your life, my life?

I know that street”Khosravi” very very well. I grew up there and I’ve passed by that place many times in my life, enough to know that you; such a coward , could not have shot her from inside the crowd. You would have been shred into pieces in no time by people who are way braver than you are. Were you standing on the roof? Were you thinking you are safe? This is what was going through your head: ” No one can see me. I just kill them from here and I can escape easily”.

Escape to where? to who? Do you think there is ever an escape for you or the ones like you? Think about all the eyes that turned towards the direction of bullet. You were fleeing and saving your timid life. Running with all your power. But , those eyes will chase you. All of them every single minute and there is no refuge…. EVER.

You know how we have Nefrin – curse(making ill wishes for some one else) in Farsi? You are cursed by her mom. Her sobbing mother. Her faher carrying her lifeless body. All people who saw this, who got to know about this all over the world. Can your tiny brain understand this? I repeart: ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!!

Rest in Hell while she rests in peace in Heaven. If you are a person who can be in his shoes and read this, make your choice. Reconsider before raising that club, before shooting that bullet, before being violent, do not create a hell for yourself, the kind of Hell that even doom’s day can not bring an end to it.

Burning in fire of regret every day and sleeping through nightmare of chasing eyes….

Roohash Shad.

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