Good News – Bad News

Bad News First – Obama and the Democrats will do NOTHING to help, unless it is ordered from London.
Now the Good News:
1- The last 10 days has solidified all Iranians against IRI.   There will be some who will be “Fair Weathered”  – Hezb Baad – but IRI has been exposed beyond any explanations or mendation.  
2- The talk in the Americam conservatives circles these days is:
– We should have gone into Iran before Iraq.
– Now that we know we will have the people of Iran with us – It is time now to fight THE WAR and get it over with.  

The way I see it:  Even if IRI wins the current battle (and I don’t think they will) – If all of our efforts in the next 3 years fail – A New Republican president will not hesitate to give the Iranian People any physical support they ask for – including armed forces. 

But for now let’s focus on what we have to do. 


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