Galloway: Regime’s British mouthpiece

British Politician George Galloway has been the mouthpiece for the Islamist extremists for sometime and he has been recently been paid to broadcast propaganda for the Islamic Regime in Iran through their Press TV.

Sadly many so called intelligent people who often end up flowing with the wind, often have been cheering and applauding for this British sell out who has made a career out of promoting the positions of Islamist extremists. His lack of care for the beating, arrests and killings of Iranians (often through their plain-clothed thugs) is another example of Galloway’s total disregard for the most basic human rights while he is repeating the official line of Ahmadinejad/Khamenei camp that they are acting within the law and Mousavi (and therefore his supporters) are not!

One positive outcome of the recent events in Iran has been the bare proofs of the hypocrisy and the true positions of many who often shed tears for human rights of one group while totally disregarding those of another including those of Iranians. It also has brought to surface the nature or errors of those who cheerlead for the double-faced individuals such as Galloway or groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah who use the unfortunate sufferings of many in the Middle East and Iran for their own gains.

May these will be lessons for those who often ride the wind out of emotions or ignorance.

This is part 1 (of 7) of his show on Iran’s pressTv. If interested you can find the rest of his garbage on this Hezbollah Youtube site ( 

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