Cartoon: Zahak

I’ve decided, from now on if everything goes well, to post my cartoons and drawings as Blog Images instead of submittals to the Editor for approval.  There are several reasons for this decision, and I’m not complaining, just giving explanation for my decision.  After being absent for 10-11 months, I came back before Delara’s execution and sent in a drawing of her as my contribution to the cause to save her life, but that didn’t get posted.  After she was executed I did a “Posterized” painting of her, which was also not posted.  When the boy with nay that was supposed to be executed for so long  and his life was spared at the last day died of a drug addiction I did another drawing of his situation, which was also not posted.  Since then, I have done 2-3 more drawings that are also not posted either.  So, by now I’m think there is a problem with email delivery system, because these have different subject matters and the reason for not posting them can not be because the Editor did not approve them, since in the past I’ve submitted other worthless drawings that were posted, so I can’t imaging that the Editor might not have liked any of them.

Another reason is that cartoons are usually time sensitive.  Something that might be appropriate and timely today might be a dud by tomorrow.  So if I post them myself as Blog Images then they don’t have to go in a holding bin.

Another reason is that for a long time I couldn’t figure out why I draw with crisp colors but by the time they get posted they look smudgy, so then eventually I figured out that sometimes when I do a “Redo”, a step backward, for some reason the drawings get smudged, and also when I “Save”, and “Compress” also cause them to smudge, so now I try to draw with one stroke, so to speak, began the process and never go back till the end and “Save” the file then, a very frustrating process.  Then I discovered some drawings also get smudged after I sent them to the Editor and they get “Resized” or “Compresed” for publication, I’m sure the Editor was not aware of that either.

As a Blog Image I also have more control if I need to make changes to what I post, or in case I decide to delete.

So, for the next few days, if things work out well, I’ll post those drawings that didn’t get posted till I’m caught up.

So, by the way, also, anyway, I’m not an artist.  What I do might look like art, but I’m not an artist.  I just learned to operate a very basic software, and my imagination.  I do love cartoons, caricatures, so maybe that’s why I got attracted to doing what I’ve been doing.

Thank you for visiting this blog.

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