As if one needed a reminder

I hesitated posting this blog as the image is very intense but it is important to see. Not for further emotionalizing the uprising in Iran as it needs none. But as I looked at this picture that was sent to me by a friend earlier today, I remembered why it is important that we use our emotions to keep us motivated but use our intellect to find ever more refined ways to fight this regime ( that is content on maintaining a hold on power at any cost and in the short term it will.

What is happening in Iran is complicated and complex no doubt and part of the never ending Oil and power saga that follows every other scheme and atrocity over the last few thousand years but it is important that we remember and honor the individuals including the young soul in the attached image for whom I do not yet have a name (RIP) and cannot even imagine the horror he must have endured. It seems the beating intensity is an order of magnitude larger than needed to inflict both severe pain and death. I for one will not settle just for truth and reconciliation when the time comes and as the Jews did with Nazis, we shall pusure these monsters to the ends of the earth.

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