Shame, shame on PAAIA

At a time when brave Iranian men, but more importantly women, are showing the courage of lions, one Iranian-American organization has dropped all its principles and sought to use the blood of our people for its own self-promotion: PAAIA.

In their newsletter yesterday, they brought attention to Andrew Sullivan’s awesome blog, the Daily Dish, and his request for videos to call out the crimes of the Iranian regime.

So what does PAAIA do? They send an email to their mailinglist and ask their members to email Sullivan and ask him to highlight PAAIA’s self-promotion videos of successful Iranian Americans.

Come again?? Yes, you heard me right. Screw the protesters in Iran – look instead at how much money our board members make, PAAIA says.

How low can an organization drop before the suffocate themselves in their own vomit?

Throughout this period in which our people in Iran have defied bullets and batons, protesting for all of our rights to a free Iran, PAAIA did not list a single mention of this on their website.  That’s because they don’t deal with Iran, they say.

Yet, Rudi Bakhtiar is on CNN every five minutes – as a PAAIA rep – trying to give the monarchist leadership over the protests.

Am I the only one that’s confused about this organization? I guess not. But what was limited to confusion and suspiscion a few days ago, is now nothing else but disgust.

It all makes sense. An organization that is only looking for self-promotion, will sacrifice all principles. They will put a person on CNN, if they can. They will avoid taking a real stance, and only take one to put themselves in the limelight, if they can.

And now, apparentely, they will also sacrifice the protesters in Iran to get their own self-promotion videos on Sullivan’s blog.

Forget about Neda, look at our slick Board members, PAAIA says.

Andrew Sullivan, if you read this, do know that the majority of Iranian Americans care more about the protesters in Iran than they care about themselves. PAAIA does not represent us.

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