A ‘SECULAR DEMOCRACY’ In Our Beloved Iran – Within ONE YEAR

My Iranian Brothers and Sisters: As days go by, the breach that has been created by the Illegitimacy of the Ahmadinejad Government is getting wider and wider. More and more people, from the members of parliament, to other senior clergy, are coming out, and either directly or indirectly, make references to Ahmadinejad’s Illegitimacy.

The European countries are gradually, but steadily, coming to the realization that they can not effectively deal with such an Illegitimate Government. Furthermore, the Obama Administration has come to the realization that dealing with Ahmadinejad’s Government, would effectively Tarnish Obama’s Clean-Cut Image so far as Democracy and Freedom are concerned.

Having said all of that, I would like to remind everybody that it took about a year for Shah’s Reime to fall. From the time the disturbances started, to the actual fall, was approximately one year.

I truly believe that this Islamic Regime would be gone within one year. The fatal breach that has been created will ultimately undermine the regime all together.

If you haven’t read this blog, please take a moment to do so:

Ahmadinejad’s ‘ILLEGITIMACY’ Can Not Be Pushed Under The Rug

Please remember, that our ultimate goal is the establishment of a Secular Democracy in our Beloved Iran. Thirty (30) years ago, we were in such a rush to get rid of the Shah, that we didn’t study and analyze the consequences of having an Islamic Regime in Iran. Let’s not make a similar mistake all over again!

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