The story of my student Daryush Part two

In the year that I have worked in the German school I became friends to a lot German students and their parent. Most of these students were from a German mother and an Iranian father. The Persian students who studied in Germany and married a German girl as they finished their study and came back with her to Iran. Also there were also some Iranian women who married the German or European man and so their children were coming in the German school.

Daryush and Mehrdad were two young boys who have blond golden hair and very fair skin. Both of them were very nice to me and I loved them like my own children. They were very nice friendly and sweet. With beautiful green eyes or blue and golden hair. Their mothers were tall and beautiful and their fathers were good students from the middle high class family who were studied in Germany. Daryush has green dark eyes and very fair skin like North European. His hair was golden blond. He was tall may be 186 cm and has a nice friendly face. His lesson and education was very good and he was a very good student, he always plays with Mehrdad another Persian German boy who had nice face and dark blue eyes. Both of them were very close friends and both of them were good in all subjects form language to mathematics and from sport to music. The speak fluently German, English, French and Persian. They wrote composition in all four languages in a very good still and they use nice works and nice sentences.

Daryush finished the German Gymnasium and went to Germany and finished a Master degree in Telecommunication and later he did his PhD in Engineering Telecommunication from Germany and was hired as assistant professor at the University of Tehran. Meanwhile I was working also as a language instructor at the university. So I saw sometimes Daryush in the university café restaurant and we ate together the lunch. With consideration that I was his teacher in the past and I was nice to him, he came very close to me and we get very good and closed friends. Daryush was telling the whole story of his and I was one of his best friends. He married with a German girl and has brought her it Iran. But after the revolution and or rebel in Iran; Daryush and his wife went to Germany and may be he could not find a good job there, so they went to USA. Daryush went to Florida and got a position as a college teacher there. His wife has also divorced him and took all his three children with herself to Germany. Daryush told me that his wife did not accept him as a European and always humiliate him as an Iranian. And she did not respect Daryush bicultural attitude. As Daryush was very fair and like Swedish people, she expect a full European attitude and not a Persian culture. She later did not let the children contact the father. We both now were working in a college in Florida. Daryush told me that his wife did not like any Persian culture and she thought that I am like North European. Daryush was not a fundamental Moslem, but he liked Moslem and feel part of it. He was like many other Iranian or Turkish people who are half European, but still they are half Middle Eastern and Love their culture and even their religion. With other words Daryush was a very modern Moslem and as the people mentioned half Moslem.

The problem is when you are between two nationalities or two religions you some how believe both of them. You cannot ignore one of them and just believe one of them. You cannot love your mother or your father only. You love both of them. It is the same as religions. Or you can eliminate both of them and say I believe in Humanity and not in any religions any more. So as my mother was also Bahai; the government of Iran did not let me to work and I have to come out of Iran and as I said we met each other after few years again in Florida. I saw Daryush for the first time in a university party and we were very happy to see each other. We know each other for such a long time. He said that his wife left him about eight years ago and took all his belonging and the three children.

Daryush told me that his wife knows a German high class medical doctor and he is May the one who influences her to go away from me. His wife was six years younger than Daryush, but this medical doctor is younger than his wife or ex-wife. Daryush was very upset in the time that he explained his situation and tear came from his eyes and a big sorrow was inside him. He could not see his children any more and as his beautiful mother and powerful father also have died; he feels very alone. So to see me as an older friend give him some happiness. He was such a nice friend and such a good father and he said he misses his family very much, but they do not want to see him any more. He said; he calls them, they do not give any answer to him. He writes they do not answer his letters. They ignore him totally.

I know Hildegard his wife. She was a very beautiful woman. Tall over 175 cm, blond and very slim. She played tennis and was a good swimmer. In the house of Daryush in Tehran; she swims likes a fish. Daryush had a very big swimming pool and she was a very good swimmer. She was also intelligent and had Mater degree in science. She was from a very good family. I do not know why she left so easily Daryush. May be because Daryush was half Iranian or she fells in Love with the young nice rich doctor, or just she wanted a change. As may be she sees she did bad thing to Daryush and such a nice husband should not be treated like this. She may be could not even forgive herself and wanted total cut with Daryush. Daryush tried to speak with her parents; may be they will advise their daughter to come back, but the parents did not show any interest and were also cold to Daryush, so Daryush had no other choice to stay out.

But that was not fair that a woman who has a nice husband and three children, just by seeing another man who is richer and younger just go away?

The new man did not even marry her; he was something like boy friend to her. I do not think that even the new man was serious with Hildegard. I asked Daryush he should not stay all alone in his house, he can come to my house and we can have dinner together. I said my wife is from Brazil and can cook very well. So he came some days to our house and we had good time with each other. It was about two years that Daryush had found a very good friend. He liked to speak about this friend with me. He said about two years ago he got a college from China. She is a professor in China and teaches the Mater and PhD degree programs. Meanwhile Daryush was transferred to University and had a professor position also. He had PhD in telecommunication and the new college had the same degree also. Both of them were good and very well paid professor. Daryush had his degrees from the best university in Germany and he had worked many years as professor in Iran, Germany and USA. Her college was younger than him, but she was also a good professor from China and was professor in the best university in Peking. Daryush was invited by the university in Florida to come and teach there.

Daryush told me this woman from China is a huge scientist. She is so intelligent and so smart in science that I cannot believe my eyes. She is not even fourty, but she had a lot of documents concerning different research and creation in scientific way. So the government communist of China has agreed to let her come to Florida and gave her a burse for three years. Her salary as professor in China is only about $200, but they gave her enough money to have a comfortable life here for three years. And study here and research here and learn more. I had a Chinese student in my class. I thought Latin and explain everything in English, she did not know a lot of English words or not enough to speak, but she learned so good that she got A without any problems. But her American co-students get with difficulties C. So that Chinese professor did not speak English as she came here, Daryush told me, but with a high grade of AQ and to be very intelligent, she could guess what you are talking about. And she could listen and understand perfectly. She could also read dick English books easily. She learned English only from the books in China, but with the high intelligently she had she could find the meaning of the speeches. She was in Love with science and she read a lot and she was a real scientist person. Daryush told me all this and added that he is in a deep love with her. She will never be tired she works like a machine without being tired; she worked sometime until mid night in the labor for her scientific results.

So they work day and night together and in the same subject. They have almost the same knowledge and both of them were young scientists. They complete each other and Daryush was in a very deep love with her, but she just like him as a good companion and college.

I was the only friend of Daryush who he could speak about his big huge love with me. He could not trust other people to say anything about his huge love to Mei the Chinese scientist. Daryush told me how deep, he is in love with her. He said she is so good and so friendly that I am so relax with her; I would like to stay with her the whole day and twenty four hours. I will not even sleep and waste my time for sleep in the time that I am with her. She is so deep in my heart that she cannot even imagine. I love everything that she has, but she does not care so much about my love. I love her looking with her beautiful eyes, I love her walking and riding on bicycles. I love her speaking and her laugh and her teeth. I love her lips and her face, her face and her finger. I love all her cells and her mind, but she does not care. Daryush speak as good about her as she is a Goddess or a huge queen. As she was the only scientist woman in the world. As she was the only nice and perfect woman in the world. Daryush told me so much about her, that I thought he exaggerate the matter. She cannot be so good. I thought as Daryush is in a very deep love with her; he sees her as a Goddess. May be Daryush who is a smart man knew my thinking and asked me to come for dinner with my wife to his house.

I accepted his invitation and told my wife to be ready to go there and see a Goddess of science. And the Daryush huge love. The father of Daryush was very rich and he had studied in Germany and even his mother was from a rich German family. The ex-wife of Daryush took a lot of his wealth, but still Daryush had enough money to represent himself as a rich person. He had also a good job with a very high income. He had a very huge nice big house in Florida with seven big bedrooms. His house was one of the best expensive houses in that area. The whole house was covered by Persian expensive carpet which lied on the green white and colored very expensive stone floor. The furniture of the house was from expensive stones or very rear expensive wood, or antic wooden materials. Something like dream furniture. The doors and windows were very nice and hand made flowers and animals were cut in the wooden doors. And the rest looked like gold and silver.

Huge scandalizes with hundred of burning lamps were making the night like a day. The nice music that Daryush selected from the classic component make the night very beautiful which came from a stereo system from many point and corners of the house. Like the Omariden or Abbasid Khalief who were listing to Shahrzad thousand and one nights stories. It was more like a dream as a reality. After passing the gate and coming in the house Daryush came toward us for acceptance us in his house and well come us. He had a very dark blue suite with a red tie. And help us to come through the house. His friend Mei was sitting in a coach and as she sees us; she stand up. My wife and me were amazed from her beauty and could not control ourselves for a moment. She was so beautiful that we just wanted to look at her without speaking. She was not a woman and as the Daryush explained she was a Goddess of beauty. We were prepared ourselves to see a scientific personality; and normal woman with huge load of knowledge. Not a woman with such huge load of beauty. After a while. I do not know if Mei remarked that or not. We control ourselves and gave her greeting an answer.

She was like a painting of the best master peace of Chinese Painting master. I studied fine arts and I had contacts with a lot model and beauty models, but not of them could even reach the beauty of this woman. The poor Daryush who should have this Goddess of beauty only as a friend and not as a wife, girl friend or lover. My wife and I were prepared to see a knowledgeable woman who is a great professor at the university who has a lot of research and inventions and who is so respected the government of China has agreed to send her for three years out of China. But now we are seeing a huge beauty of a woman, a tall nice body with the best form and best muscles. A real painting from the Chinese great artists. Daryush had said that all of her family is professors, doctors and famous scientists in China. Her father and mother both are famous professors and also all her brothers and sisters were great scientists.

The nice tall body of her with a very nice face and beautiful large black eyes, the nice skin of her and the friendly laugh and nice attitude and open mind was not something that you can find so easily. The nice hands with nice muscles and beautiful fingers and nail were a dream that you can see. I think she was a perfect example of creation. The God create a Goddess instead of a woman. Daryush told me that he loves her more than his eyes and he is willing to do everything to keep her. But he said Mei does not imagine and believe how deep I love her. She thinks may be I like her as she like me. Daryush told me that so much love and beauty is very seldom. With and intelligent mind and thinking that she has. The beautiful long shinny dark hair of hers which covered her back almost completely was like dark shinny water falling from the high.

I remembered my sister as she saw tall nice girl; she said she is so happy to see nice beautiful people. I wish she was there and could see the woman. I knew she would be very happy. But how the government of China has agreed to send such miracle in science and beauty to the other side of the world. And spend so much money for her.

I was many years’ teacher in different school, European, African, Asian and American schools, and I had a lot of very beautiful female and male students, but Mei was the Queen of all of them. She was so perfect that I had none of my student to be able to compete with her. As a fine arts teacher I see all her body, from her nail, toes to her head and her hair. You could not find any fault or you could not critic anything in her. And Daryush was so in Love with her; that he could see only her. She robbed with her beauty and her knowledge and her love everything from Daryush and he was disappeared in her and was completely in her side. The whole thinking was her and the whole story was about her.

I did not know her, but I know my friend Daryush, that he loved her very much and would like to marry her as fast as possible. But Mei could not feel the huge Love and Daryush. May be the two different cultures did not allow her to understand the deep feeling of Daryush. The nationality or race may be separate Mei from Daryush. Daryush did not think about the race, nationality of even religion or not religion. He loved her regardless to all of these differences. But may be these differences stop Mei to love him deeply as his dose. Daryush said many time he asked her to be closer with her and marry him, but Mei did not answer his love with love only with friendly kiss and huge. It is difficult to have such a beauty and scientist next to yourself and almost twenty four hours with her, but you know that she does not want to marry you. Daryush did not like short relationship and or short love; or limited love and Mei knows that also. And because she does not want to marry her; so they were only like two teenagers lovers and their love was limited with kissing and hugging and not more.

Mei does not allow Daryush to have her fully and have her as a complete love of his. And Daryush also does not want to force her to be his fully love. And accept the teenager love Mei only offered him. But Daryush hope that his love can break the iron heart of Mei and she will answer his deep love and will be one with him. But she and her ironing heart did not let Daryush goes further. I do not know Love for China or Love for family stops Mei to love Daryush deeply. And the poor Daryush could not have his love completely, but Daryush did not lose his hope and thought one Day the Mei will be surrendered by his love and she will accept his love completely. As Daryush thought may the Love of country is a problem for Mei to have him, he told her that he is willing to come to China with her and does what ever she wants. But Mei may be thought the nice job and good income plus the huge house and comfortable life and beautiful environment and high level of living cannot let Daryush come to China, in which the people are not paid so well and Daryush cannot have the same salary and wealth in China as he has in USA.

But Mei was strong in her situation and wanted him as a good closed friend and not more, not as a deep lover or boy friend. But Daryush did not lose the hope and was trying very hard to be so good to Mei, that Mei could change her mind. Two years they worked together and kiss each other and hugged each other and eat and may be sleep in the same bed together, but they were not real lovers. Mei even sleeps in his arm and trusted him so much, but she did not want to have him as a boy friend.

Daryush wanted her as a wife that brings children for him. He was fourty five years old and still had chance to live good. Mei was also about fourty, but because of her beauty she looked like thirty years old woman. One time she asked Daryush if he is angry about her as she cannot full fill his wishes. And Daryush told her how he can be angry with the woman that he loves so much and more than everything he has. Sorrowfully it seemed that Mei cannot feel the deep Love of Daryush.

So now was the time to go home; it was about one in the morning. They both came to the gate and said good bye to us. As they hold each other hands. Daryush hugged my wife and kissed her and shake my hand; Mei hugged me and kissed me also and we left the two in Daryush’s house. Mei did not have a car and decided to stay with Daryush that night. My wife told me they could be a nice couple. I said Daryush wants, but Mei is not willing to give Daryush the full love. Mei in compare with Daryush was a poor person. Daryush alone has a huge big expensive house with seven bedrooms and millions of dollars furniture that in USA is not so common. A house like a place with swimming pool, garden, tennis courts and huge pond for canoeing. In his pond you could even fish and get lobsters. He was a very rich man. But Mei was living in a very poor apartment in the poor area and even this room was shared with other Chinese girl.

Daryush had two sport expensive cars and boat and even personal air plan. Mei told that in China even a professor has a salary of $200 per month and Daryush spend more than $500 every day to maintain the house and for his other costs. But both of them were free from the materials. They worked together like two good friends. Mei cleans his house washes his close and does what ever a good maid or wife does. She cooked for him, cleaned his rooms and was a closed friend. Daryush told me that she even changed the tiers of his car and washed his car. She did not think that working in low level is not good. Mei had only two different closes and one bag and two pair of shoes. In compare with my wife who had more than seventy pair of shoes and more than seventy bag and about two hundred clothes. Mei was a very poor woman. But she managed these so good and she was so beautiful that even the clothes looked nicer as she wear them. She had a pink bag so old that some of the pink bag was white, but she did not care and took the bag always with her and did not damage her beauty.

My wife said why Daryush does not buy a bag for her. It is not good such a scientist has a very old bag. But Daryush told me before that Mei does not like to have gift from him. She prefers to give gift to him as take gift from him. Mei liked of loved Daryush, too. But I do not know what prevent Mei not to come closer to Daryush. I do not know what was in her heart. But one day Mei told me she hoped that she will not feel in Love with Daryush that she should stay here and marry him. In this time she was crying. I asked her why are you crying, she said because she love him very much, but not so much that she can stay with him and marry him. She continued that she also afraid that one day she would love Daryush so much that she cannot go away from him and have to stay with him and marry him. She said that will be a problem then. Daryush also sees his life in her. His wife divorced him, his parent were dead and he has no one just Mei. Mei has filled all his love and all his heart.

It was two years that they worked together and Daryush was in a deep love with her. He hoped that she will change her mind and will be not so cruel to him. But sorrowfully the time came that Mei have to go. The last day of three years working at a U S university.

Daryush did a huge good bye party for her. My wife and I were also under the guests. The Mei was like a drunken pea cook. Daryush could not even imagine that Mei will go and will leave him. But Mei told him, she will come back. May be she told this to make Daryush a little bit happy. The nice good bye party may three hundred people take part in this nice party. Daryush offered the best Persian and European kitchen. More than ten people with beautiful dresses were serving the guests. Two companies were responsible for the party. It was much nicer than a wedding party. May be Daryush wanted or wished that party would be his and her wedding party. The whole night the nice orchestra played European and Oriental Music and the couple and lovers were dancing under the blue and red light in each other arms. Daryush danced the whole night with Mei. They looked in each other eyes with love and interest and may be with a little bit sorrow. The head of Mei was on the shoulder of Daryush almost the whole night.

I do not know what was the force that Mei would not stay with Daryush. The Chinese culture, the communist thinking or the love of the country, friends and family. But Mei promised Daryush that she will write to him, will call him and will email him. She will not forget her big love and friendship. And she will try to come back soon. I do not know why these Chinese women will act that way. The same has happened to one of my friend and the Chinese love called few times than cut for every. I afraid that Mei will do the same to Daryush. My friend wrote thousand of letters and he did not get even one single letter back from the Chinese Love.

Daryush was the whole night in the arms of his beautiful woman and he wished that the night will never end, because next day she will be away from him. But the time passed and the night was going to be end also. It was may be two or three in the morning that the people start to go. After most people have gone. Mei asked me if I can bring her to her apartment. I do not know again why the last day; she would not like to spend with her lover. So I brought her to her simple poor apartment. The queen prefers to stay the last day in her room with her roommate. It was about twelve that Daryush called me and said. Hi Amir Mei will go back and it is hard for me to bring her to the air port and see that she is really going away. Can you do this for me, please? Go with her also inside the plan, and try to influence her not to go. May be at the last moment she will change her mind. I hope she will be serious enough and see my love and will come back to me marry me and stay with me.

I do not understand why Mei did not feel and understand the love of Daryush which was so deep. Also I was thinking why she is going and drive to her apartment. I thought about my other friend and I was wondering why Mei did not stay with Daryush. May be she afraid, too that she get in his love and should stay with him. I know that the exceptional beautiful woman will have only sex with the men until they find the ideal man. But Daryush was a fine nice man, rich academic PhD in science from a very good university in Europe. He was a good man and a good husband. That was his wife who divorced him and took a lot of thinks from him.

I was thinking with myself that I reach her house. She opened the door and she was upset and unhappy and nervous. She was trying to lock her suite cases. She gave me a letter and a gift and asked me to give them to Daryush. And she sits in my car and we drive to airport. The beautiful large black eyes of her were full of tear. And the tear was going down her face. I gave her the handkerchief and she tried to dry her eyes. She said I hope that Daryush will forgive me and I hope that he will not hate me. I was three years with him and he did everything he could for me. I am a very bad woman not to give him the love he wanted. I am very sorry and I did not want that he be in such a hot love with me. Please, ask him to forgive me. I forget myself in the time that I was in his arm. I forget totally that I am a woman over fourty years; I thought I am a little girl in his arm. In the arm of a teenager boy; not a mature man who lived fourty five years and have three teenager children. I was in love with him also, but a love of a little girl to a teenager friend. My best hours were the time that I was with him.

I afraid that I do something which will bring hate; his hate on me. He wanted me to be his wife and born children for him, so he can forget the distance and unfriendly situation of his first family that they left him in a cruel form. He told me that in his life he had nobody so deeply loved as me. Only his mother was his huge love and me. I was for him like an angel and an unlimited love and a huge hope. He saw his whole life in me. I know all this; and I know how deep he was for me there. He forgets all his difficulties in the time that he was with me. He sees himself more in me than in himself. I know that he loved me very deep. But I have a house and here is not my house; here is not my country. So because I should go away from him; I am crying so bitterly. The whole three hours she was with me she cried bitterly. I went with her even in the plan as Daryush asked me. But she did not change her mind. She cried, but she was going to China.

I could not solve this puzzle. I could not understand how a woman and or a man can go away from the other one who loves so deep. I know that they did not sleep with each other as husband and wife. I do not know why? May be because Mei knows that Daryush loves her so deep and want children from her. She did not want to have sex with Daryush, because she thought than she should stay with him. I do not know if the sex can make the love stronger or not?

I do not know if the Daryush had chance to sleep with her. She would seriously consider him as a husband or not? But as many women even left her husband with children so alone the sex cannot secure the love also. Mei has gone and with the time the great love was cold. Mei left Daryush with all his sadness and gram. I do not know what type of love was this? She was so nice with him in the time that she was here, but when she has gone, after few times telephone conversation. She forgets the whole story. She did not even give her telephone numbers and or the house address to Daryush only her email. Daryush wrote every day a letter for her, but she never answered them. As Daryush wrote for the air. As Daryush was a dead person for her. The man who loved her so much and was ready to do anything for her. But she has gone and forgets her lover here in USA. A big great love, but just for three years. I cannot understand her at all? How can you leave your love without any news and any letter? After to be with each other for three years.

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