National Iran Resistance (Twitter #NIR)

Don’t know what to make of this. A new group with the hashtag #NIR has been all the rage for the past 24 hours on twitter. Very interesting if true.


National Iran Resistance

The National Iran Resistance demands for brothers in arms, wearing the coat of arms of the Republic, to defy & resist orders which could harm unarmed citizens. The officers Corps are disgusted. So many lost children & relatives. We are fed up. We demand the Khobregan and Parliament to authorize the Armed Forces to apprehend foreign & domestic thugs killing our people.

The Iranian press says Sepah and Military participated in the violences, do not believe what they say. We are in our bases, getting ready to move upon orders. Not the orders of the of Supreme Leader, but those of the Khobregan. In case the Khobregan will not yield, we are prepared to ask our commanders to make a decision to act, for our people and country… This is something we would do reluctantly.

We put our trust and faith in the constitutional bodies concerned with such duties. Our republic will prevail. We have given this Republic 1 million of our best and brightest’s lives. People of Iran don’t give up your rights! Be peaceful in protests. Ask Parliament and Khobregan to intervene.

As reported, Basij has gathered teenager fighters from provinces. They are being issued arms, to counterattack us and civilians. We are expecting orders to move out & disarm non Army forces terrorizing our streets.  Khamenei is running with Basiji madmen. Ahmadinejad and his allies know that they cannot get out of this easily. This makes them unpredictable.

The Khobregan is trying to avoid bloodshed. So are we. Even though they are endoctrined, these Basiji kids are Iranians too. We don’t want any more Iranians to die. No matter which side they are on. We are the Army, protectors of all Iranians and the Republic. And this is a tough position to be in these days.

-National Iran Resistance


from :…. (trans: P.N.)

Tension among the 7 groups within the military
Split between military commanders to be made public soon.

Seven major lines of thought coexist in the army:
1. The followers of Haj Davood Karimi (who died in Sasan hospital due to chemical complications). They have great respect for him and his presence is missed by them. According to him the system has deviated from Imam Khomeini’s ideals.

2. Followers of Mohsen Rezai who was also a candidate by non-military families.

3. Followers of Rahim Safavi who do not believe what the supreme leader (Khamenei) claims that his relatives are in high positions for only up to 8 years. They question that Safavi has been pushed aside and given a nominal position as a consultant.

4. The supporters of the reform movement which have been in the top and central part of the military since the days of Khatami. Most of them have been pushed aside as much as possible. Meanwhile, some of them who are still in high positions have decided to keep quiet until the right time comes.

5. The supporters of Mousavi who have appeared during the last few months. They have warned the governement about the government’s Talebani and radical style of system. These people are followers are followers of Imam Khomeini’s ideals and are part of Basij & revolutionary guards.

6. Hashemi Rafsanjani has great support both in the military and politically from his leadership days. It is from his base of support that he received information previous to the election that if Ahmadinejad was reelected there would be support for a coup d’etat. He passed on this information by letter to the supreme leader and the elders in Qom. The information regarding the plain clothed militia also have been reported to Qom and parliament.
7. There are members of the army and Basij that take both sides. They will pursue both until they can see which side to follow.

Following the arrest and disappearance of commander Ali Fazli on Monday, unofficial meetings on behalf of commander Haj Sayid Ghasemi former army commander 27 Mohammad Rasoul Allah were held in presence of 16 former commanders of the army.

This meeting was held to voice the objections shared by the officer’s corps to the current inacceptable situation in Iran.

Commander Sayid Ghasemi expressed in this meeting that this situation is very worrying and shameful, and completely conflicts with Islamic ideals : “I will stand alongside the people if they are beaten down further and harder. The recent announcement on behalf of IRGC is in no way representative of the Sepah Pasdaran and is meant to spread fear within the ranks.”

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