Ahmadinejad’s excessive mud slinging

For the record, let me first reiterate that I found the presidential debates preceding the Iranian election to be a most fruitful phase in Iran’s democracy; a fantastic evolutionary phase of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. It was one of the most important factors which brought up a historic number of Iranians into their country’s political arena, which resulted in one of the most impressive mass participations in the election.  I believe that it was high time that the well kept secrets of factions and clerical factionalism following the revolution, be put on the table for everyone to discuss in an open and healthy manner for years to come. However, the constructive criticism mixed with political opportunism, also leads to exaggerated accusations, mud slinging, and hasty slanders that once the barriers are opened suddenly, it can wash out good and bad together in a massive ensuing and uncontrollable flood. 
The pent up legitimate frustration of Iranian youth aside; the high jacking of that frustration by foreign media’s massive propaganda and the neo-con dream to convert the youth revolt to a “color revolution” ; the dreams of Iranian expats and Shahis who are trying to ride on the back of Iranian youth for their own agenda, and the faction fighting among Iranian clerics and groups within IRG supporting different factions aside…. there is a REAL price that Ahmadinejad will pay for his excessive “lajan parakani” during the presidential debates which is partly reflected in the mass demonstrations. He is partly guilty of the consequences of the civil unrest because of his unchecked accusations, slanders and uncivil debate.
Ebrahim Nabavi is writing an article today http://iranian.com/main/2009/jul-19  in which he “advises” Rafsanjani in rejecting Ahmadinejad as the legitimate president in the upcoming Friday prayers!! While I believe that Mr. Nabavi better stick to being a jester which he can be good at instead of an advisor to Rafsanjani, I share with him the enthusiasm of Rafsanjani’s upcoming chance to defend himself. Unlike Mr. Nabavi, I believe that Rafsanjani is more patriotic and less self-absorbed to attempt a coup in order to defeat the collective wish of Iranian people who elected Ahmadinejad with a large margin. Rafsanjani has devoted his entire life to revolution and Iranian cause, he won’t betray Iran to satisfy the silly agenda of people like Mr. Nabavi!
I hope that the coming Friday prayers, an event that became one of the pillars of strength of Islamic Revolution and the symbol of the mass presence and vigilance, primarily spearheaded by none other than Heshemi himself, would teach a lesson of greatness and tactfulness to Mr. Ahmadinejad

After all, Mr. Rafsanjani has been an important leader of the revolution, and has been on the helm of the the Iranian ship in the most turbulent of the storms facing Iran. His clever leadership has kept Iran from drowning in a sea of international assaults against our country. Rafsanjani was a leader created by a historical moment which is hard to duplicate. Mr. Ahmadinejad is better remember that although he himself has risen from the womb of Iranian masses, and has served his country honestly and to his best in every position that he held, yet he won’t be able to fill the footsteps of Rafsanjani, even if he were to live twice!  

I am sure that Hashemi Rafsanjani will be able to repudiate the mud thrown at him, and will defend his monumental legacy while he teaches Ahmadinejad once more some lessons in civility and the true revolutionary spirit.

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