M Jackson passed away and left us with this agonising thought of maybe his strange life and behaviour (including all those accusations) was due to his childhood. I am not going to mention anymore as it is not the point of my blog except that a man who since young age had most things he always wanted in his life, including psychologists, could not come to terms with his childhood bad experience or side effects, whatever you like to call it.

For some time I been asking myself this historical question which really goes back as far as maybe 16th or 17th century (you never know maybe this was a similar question your great great grandparents asked themselves) ;

Why were the British in middle-east, particularly in Iran?

Or what was their purpose?

Or what did they want?

I AM NOT really concerned about their present situation in this region. It is their past which is a question.

While thinking over please REMEMBER the following:

– They came from a tiny island in western Europe. They usually travelled by ship and took them a good few months to reach Iran.

– Those days even dictionaries did not exist let alone the word ‘terrorism’.

– There were no Islamic fanaticisms either.

– Akhonds did not exist like they do today and most importantly they were not political.

– Iranians were a loving nation with a great hospitality.

– Iran was not a rich country.

– Persian gulf was a back water not a rout for European commercial shipping and not everyone used it. The british did not need to protect this waterway.

– The british had Australia, India and Americas.

– Population in Iran was so low it was not even worth mentioning slavery.

– Petroleum did not exist.

So why did they go to Iran? What did they achieve? What did they want? Was it all worth it? Did they get what they wanted?

It is very easy to answer the last one. BUT NO in 16th/17th century, they did not know about oil.

Please share your thoughts.

HOWEVER no matter how we agree or disagree over each others’ views on this matter there is one issue a lot of us ignore. It is the other question;

What side effects their involvements in Iran had on our lives, past and present?

WELL WHY NOT it seems everyone else is effected by his/her past, why not our society?

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